Avex Athlete Melissa Arnot Tackles 50 Peaks Challenge

July 19, 2016

PARK CITY, Utah (July 19, 2016) – Avex athlete Melissa Arnot, and guide-in-training Maddie Miller have officially embarked on their mission to summit the highest peak in every U.S. state in 50 days. The 50 Peaks Challenge began on June 27, when the Maddie summited Denali in Alaska, the highest mountain peak in North America. From there, Maddie flew to Florida where she met up with Melissa, who had previously summited Denali and stayed behind to finalize trip logistics for the remaining 49 states. A few days later the pair began a cross-country road trip, summiting the highest point in each state along the way.

Arnot and Miller hope to show the American public the accessibility of the outdoors in every state, as well as demonstrate the strength of an all-female team. If Arnot and Miller complete the trip, 21-year-old Miller will be the first woman to complete the challenge in 50 days.

“The 50 Peaks Challenge is something that Maddie and I first thought up on a climbing trip a few years ago,” said Arnot. “I am excited to have a hand in Maddie’s growth as an athlete and guide and see her both physically and mentally in the outdoors.”

Several peaks require technical mountaineering skills that require full days or as much as a week to climb, while others are simple prominences that can be easily hiked within a few hours.

Avex will be supporting Arnot and Miller throughout their journey, particularly in Avex’s home state of Utah, as the two take on King’s Peak at the end of July.

“We started working with Melissa five years ago because our products are built for tough conditions and make sense for the types of expeditions she is leading,” said Avex Marketing Communications Manager, Holly Hansen. “Avex bottles provide quick access to water, with no lid to unscrew and a high flow rate, making them ideal for higher altitude climbs.”

Arnot has led expeditions around the world and holds the record for most summits of Mount Everest completed by an American woman. In May, Arnot returned from her sixth Everest expedition, when she became the first American woman to successfully complete the climb without supplemental oxygen.

The pair will be actively documenting their story on social media, posting weekly webisodes of their journey. Follow the 50 Peaks Challenge at www.fiftypeaks.com or @fiftypeaks or by using the hashtag #50peaks.

About AVEX: We’re a community of adventurers in Park City, UT who make products for people like us—people who live, work, and play in the mountains, rivers and oceans. We believe in great design, versatile function, and extraordinary lasting value. So naturally, our bottles are life-time guarantee durable and seamlessly work exactly as needed, time and time again. We also know that the privilege of a life spent outdoors demands thinking and acting to reduce our impact on the environments we enjoy. It’s easy to take water for granted, but it truly is our most precious resource, and we are committed to protecting it.