Italy’s UYN (Unleash Your Nature) Introduces Next Generation of Planet-Friendly Footwear and Socks in the U.S.; Apparel Debuting September 2023

April 26, 2023

First and only shoes entirely derived from socks; 100% bio-based base layers made in Pennsylvania; and proprietary Zerocuff sock design for maximum performance

Marblehead, Mass. (April 26, 2023)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Italy’s UYN (Unleash Your Nature, pronounced “win”), a Trerè Innovation company, today introduced its first U.S. line of plant and bio-based base layers manufactured in Pennsylvania, footwear and socks. Specifically, UYN is debuting the first shoes entirely derived from socks; 100% bio-based base layers made in Pennsylvania; and Zerocuff, the only sock design without cuffs for maximum performance. The footwear and socks are available now with apparel arriving in September at www.uynsports.com and at select U.S. retailers, UYN is engineered for consumers ranging from outdoor enthusiasts, active city dwellers and everyday consumers looking for top performance and planet-friendly options. UYN is scheduled to open its first store in Boston fall 2023.

“We know that U.S. consumers today are more conscious of the environmental and social impact of their purchases, and they expect brands to do their part,” said Marco Redini, Trerè Innovation CEO. “Nature, biotechnology and science are the values that inspired our ‘Biotech’ revolution, marking the end of fossil fuel-derived synthetics and the beginning of a new era in outerwear, footwear and accessories. To reach this milestone, our designers from AREAS, our own advanced research facility, developed proprietary fabrics derived from nature and empowered via biotechnology to achieve superior performance in strength, drying speed, and breathability. Every single product we produce embodies this commitment.”


UYN is the first brand to make shoes out of socks made completely without seams. The brand’s designers use natural materials such as merino and yak wool, as well as plant and bio-based materials including NATEX® and Mycelium mushroom leather for breathability, stability, and protection. The Nature Tune collection, for an urban active lifestyle, uses UYN’s proprietary U-Control sole with EVA foam. While keeping the sole flexible and responsive, low-abrasion rubber U-shaped elements cushion the impact of natural forces on the foot. The merino wool upper is breathable and has natural odor eliminating properties. The Nature Tune model with a Vibram sole ideal for inclement weather, features MEMBRAIN 115, UYN’s proprietary waterproof technology. The Nature Tune and Nature Tune Vibram are available for men and women at $199.00 and $239.

The Urban Trail Collection, for urban outdoor adventures, has Merino wool uppers and an outer Protective Shield for varying outdoor conditions. The Urban Trail sole is inspired by the hoof of an ibex for superior grip. The Mega Cushioning midsole provides a smooth and comfortable walk.

There are four men’s and two women’s models available with more styles arriving September 2023. Specific models include the Mushroom, the Re-Gen, the Circular and the Naked, priced between $149 to $199.

Base Layers

Setting a new industry standard for base layers, the Evolutyon line uses Italian fabrics and NATEX, derived from castor oil seeds, is 25 percent lighter and dries 50 percent faster than synthetic materials with natural moisture wicking properties. The 100% natural organic fiber is more elastic and the bacteriostatic effect minimizes odors. Each base layer has the Hypermotion construction with no seams around the arm and shoulder areas. Hypermotion has been scientifically tested resulting in less pressure on the arms and shoulders, as well as greater freedom of movement with superior comfort. Coolvent is a channeled inner surface promoting a constant flow of air. It quickly absorbs sweat, cools the body during activity and keeps the skin dry. Today, national ski teams use the brand’s base layers including Austria, China, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain. Prices range from $99.00 to $159.00 and are available for both men and women. Evolutyon Biotech, which is made from 100% biomaterials, will arrive in September.


Zerocuff is a proprietary sock design without a cuff promoting blood flow that reduces fatigue. The sock remains in place without slipping down, reducing tightness on the leg and promotes recovery and fatigue. Zerocuff will be available in performance socks for outdoor, running, multi-sport and snow activities.

The Runner’s Five, UYN’s performance running socks, have a proprietary HIGH-5 technology providing ventilation micro-holes at each toe, creating an ergonomic fit for the entire foot and a seam-free structure for reduced risk of blisters, abrasions, and chafing. The sock has five toes, spaced and aligned, and are made without seams. The Runner’s Five provides superior traction on take-off and landing for better stability and comfort during high-performance activities. The Runner’s Five socks are $35.00 and are available for men and women.

The Runner’s One socks use NATEX and are lightweight, comfortable, and breathable, ideal for road, gravel and trail runs. The 3D structure in the back and the ANTI-IMPACTOR construction on the sole absorbs the impact of natural motion, protecting the sensitive and delicate areas of the foot like the achilles. Ventilation is provided by the patented COOL AIR FLOW technology, a system of micro-channels integrated into the inner surface that allows air to circulate around the foot. The Runner’s One socks for men and women are available in three different heights and priced between $20.00 and $30.00.

The Trekking One Cool Low is a lightweight sock with the breathability and lightness of bio-based NATEX fibers. It also features ECOLYPT from the Eucalyptus plant which provides breathability and softness. The Trekking One Cool socks are $25.00 and available for men and women.

The Natyon 2.0 sock for skiing features a dynamic wave design ensuring increased support and a calf band. To boost protection and shock absorption, UYN has introduced the Shockwave system which distributes pressure along specific 3D lines. With the COOL AIR FLOW technology, they can keep the microclimate around feet just right, even when the temperature is low.

About UYN, a Trerè Innovation Company

Trerè Innovation was founded in 1950 in Asola, Italy producing stockings by Luigi Redini, father of today’s CEO, Marco Redini. Today, it is respected for its next generation sustainable technologies in design and manufacturing. The company’s Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sports (AREAS), its 38,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art testing facility, enables Trerè Innovation to engineer best-in-class fabrics, subjecting them to the toughest tests in a climate wind tunnel, a rain room and a cold chamber.

In 2018, Trerè Innovation introduced UYN (pronounced “win”), “Unleash Your Nature” apparel, footwear and technical socks for running, wintersports, outdoor and cycling. Today, national ski teams use the brand’s base layers including Austria, China, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.

In addition to UYN, Trerè Innovation manufactures private label products for iconic global brands including Christian Dior, Harley-Davidson, PUMA, and Rossignol, among others, and owns TITICI®, a premier bike brand that has carbon fiber models for road, gravel, mountain and electric biking. Today, UYN has 10 stores in Italy, one store in Germany, and has plans to open a store in Boston, Massachusetts, two stores in the U.K. as well as 20 more locations throughout Europe. Trerè Innovation and UYN have won over 570 international awards and competitions for innovation, quality, and functionality since Trerè Innovation’s founding in 1950. Trerè Innovation is also a licensed manufacturer and distributor of Franklin & Marshall, Jeep, and Replay brands.

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