Nathan Sports Fall/Winter ‘19 Gear Collection Follows the Motto “See and Be Seen”

November 1, 2019

Preparation is a key component to the run safety story, and visibility gear is a great place to start.

Fountain Valley, CA (Nov 1, 2019) – Nathan Sports, leader in running hydration and visibility, is proud to launch the Hypernight Collection of running accessories. This series of gloves, hats, beanies, and headbands features reflective details to keep you both warm and visible on those winter runs. With November being Run Safety Month, it’s a great time to practice safe running habits–which start with the tools you carry with you. According to the National Safety Council, “the chances of being struck and killed as a pedestrian increase by 1,100% after dark.” And although there is an 800% drop in risk of being hit by a vehicle if you wear visibility gear, only 40% of runners attempt to be visible at night. With this new product line, Nathan hopes to raise the conversation of safety among the run community. Preparation is a key component to the run safety story, and visibility gear is a great place to start.


This wind-resistant, convertible running glove/mitt is the best way to keep your hands warm on the trail. Start off your run with the mitts on for optimal warmth, and then tuck away as you get moving. Conductive TruTouch™ technology makes these gloves smart phone compatible. And most importantly, the high visibility graphics will ensure you are seen by others around you.


Finally a beanie designed specifically for women with a ponytail cutout at the back. Keep your head and ears warm on cold runs with a lightweight stretch beanie that has 360 degrees of reflectivity. As an added bonus, there’s also a hidden stash pocket inside to store a house/car key or some cash.


Insulated hydration is key for winter activities. While most people think to use insulated flasks for keeping water cold during the summer, it is equally important in the winter to prevent your water from freezing. The VaporHowe (women’s) and VaporKrar (men’s) vests both feature a 2L insulated bladder. This vest has a waterproof phone pocket up front and a back kangaroo pocket for stashing layers, making it the perfect pack for your winter adventures. Like all Nathan vests, the Howe/Krar have reflective hits for 360-degree visibility.


As a unique alternative to the traditional headlamp, this light can be worn around your chest, waist, or removed to clip anywhere on your body. For optimal visibility and depth of field when running at night, you should always use multiple sources of light at multiple angles. The Luna Fire gives the option of many different angle placements depending on where you choose wear it.

For more information on where to find these products and other Nathan gear, contact National Sales Rep Chris Miller at cmiller@unitedspb.com.

About Nathan Sports

NATHAN designs purpose-driven running essentials that help athletes at all levels run stronger and run longer. At NATHAN, we believe that if you run, then you are a runner. No matter where or why, how far or fast, NATHAN creates the market-leading hydration, visibility, and performance essentials that empower runners to go out and have their best run. NATHAN is part of the United Sports Brands portfolio of sports performance and protective product brands including Shock Doctor, McDavid, Cutters, and, XO Athletic, which are owned by Bregal Partners, a private equity investment firm. For more information, visit NATHAN at www.NathanSports.com or United Sports Brands at www.unitedspb.com.