ROAM Robotics Mobilizes Partnership with Backbone Media for PR

October 21, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO (Oct. 21st, 2019)Roam Robotics, the San Francisco-based technology company dedicated to expanding the boundaries of human mobility with robotic exoskeletons and other innovations, has named Backbone Media its public relations agency of record.

Last year Roam did a limited release of its first commercial product —Elevate. Elevate is a robotic exoskeleton designed to offload weight from quads and knees to enable seasoned skiers to continue to enjoy the sport they love free of discomfort – making possible longer ski days, longer ski vacations—and ultimately a longer skiing career. Elevate offloads up to 30% of a user’s body weight, significantly reducing the load on your quads and the painful knee joint compression forces typically experienced in alpine skiing. By combining on-board sensors with smart software, Elevate anticipates your turns and automatically adjusts knee & quad support to aid your natural motion. Elevate doesn’t ski for you, but it will help you ski stronger and longer.

“After several years in development, we are incredibly excited to introduce our Elevate exoskeleton to avid skiers across North America,” said Tim Swift, Roam Robotics founder and CEO. “We are confident that this device will extend the careers of countless skiers”. Visit www.roamrobotics.com/ski to learn more about Elevate.

“Elevate will be a game changer for skiers who don’t want to be limited by age, strength or injury,” said Ian Anderson, partner and PR director at Backbone Media. “With Elevate, Roam is creating a new category of affordable, accessible human mobility devices, and the future applications in sport, medicine and military are seemingly endless.”

Backbone Media will provide dedicated media relations and strategic communications support to Roam, leveraging the agency’s extensive network and experience in the ski and technology industries to promote the Elevate exoskeleton.

Elevate will be available this winter for rentals at premier ski resorts in Colorado, Utah, Montana, Idaho and California. Set-up takes just a few minutes and it works with all ski boots. Learn more and make a reservation here.


About Roam Robotics

Roam builds devices that expand the boundaries of human mobility for all people. Roam envisions solutions that millions of people integrate into their daily lives in order to stay physically active. The potential uses are endless: whether you are a skier or a hiker, a soldier or a gardener, Roam’s mission is help you push past your current boundaries and extend your ability to do the activities you love.

The company incorporated in December 2013 after launching out of Otherlab, the San Francisco-based collection of scientists and inventors working on a range of projects in the robotics, renewable energy, digital manufacturing, transportation, and educational markets. For more information on Roam, please visit http://www.roamrobotics.com.

About Backbone Media

Backbone Media targets, engages and inspires the active lifestyle market through public relations, media planning and buying, and social media. For more than 20 years, Backbone has worked with leading outdoor gear, apparel, technology, food and beverage brands, as well as tourism destinations around the world. Backbone has offices in Carbondale and Denver, Colorado, and has consistently been named one of Outside magazine’s “Best Places to Work.”  For more about Backbone Media, visit www.backbonemedia.net.