• Thermore – The New Ecodown® Fibers Collection:

    Thermore entered the free fiber market with a bang in 2018 with the original Ecodown® Fibers line- the industry finally had a free fiber product that offered softness and warmth- but with excellent durability. In

  • Thermore Ecodown® Fibers Marble

    For the last 5 years, Thermore has worked hard to develop the best possible free fiber technology. The current Ecodown® Fibers are very lofty, with a high fill power, durable, recycled and white. They utilize

  • Thermore® Ecodown® Fibers

    Despite the efforts of the apparel industry to move towards a more sustainable and cruelty-free approach, recent surveys report that 80% of cold weather clothing is still insulated with duck feathers. This is mainly due