Unboxed Unveils Concept Store For Personalized Sports Nutrition

December 17, 2019

San Francisco, CA, December 17, 2019 – Today, Unboxed is launching FueledBy.co, a first-of-its-kind direct retail experience. FueledBy understands that all athletes are different, and if they want to perform at the highest levels they need nutrition that is tailored specifically for them.

Athletes begin by connecting their training data to FueledBy, and FueledBy uses its recommendation engine to find the best products for that individual. FueledBy will then reach out to customers automatically whenever it’s time to reorder products based on that athlete’s current training load and offer suggestions for new products as their training changes over time. As athletes increase workout intensity, products that optimize speed and recovery might be recommended; as they scale down, the amount in their orders is reduced. Athletes no longer have to do the work of finding products best suited to their individual needs or worry about running out of the products they depend on for their workouts.

“The FueledBy concept store is a great example of the kind of personalized services and experiences that can be built on the Unboxed platform. Brands that understand their customers better than competitors are able to drive loyalty and release products that meet customer needs” said Ben Weiner, who helped launch the initiative.

Unboxed is currently running a pilot program to work closely with companies serving endurance sports through their fitness-data integration, AthleteIQ (https://www.athlete-iq.co). Several other interesting use cases developed on the platform include loyalty programs built around real-life training achievements, reviews enhanced with the relevant context of the reviewer’s athletic profile, and highly targeted email marketing and personalized web content based on athlete profiles and segments.

About Unboxed

Unboxed is on a mission to help drive a new era in data-driven athletic personalization. Through their platform and apps, they are powering the future of customer retail infrastructure. The result is not only increased customer engagement and purchase frequency, but also helping to push the sport forward through building the next generation of athletic products. To learn more, visit https://www.unboxedhq.com or reach out to Kelly Korevec (kelly@unboxedhq.com).

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