30,000 people flock to Overland Expo West to geek out on vehicle-based outdoor recreation

September 29, 2021

It didn’t matter if they pulled up in a Subaru hatchback, a Prius, a converted Sprinter van, or a $300,000 EarthRoamer, attendees of Overland Expo West were part of one community. Set in Flagstaff, the second of three consumer-facing events this year drew an estimated 30,000 people to geek out over four-wheeler rigs, tires, tow kits, coolers, and all the accessories in between that people pack into their vehicles to enhance their outdoor experiences. Overland Expo Mountain West took place in Loveland, Colorado at the end of August, and Overland Expo East is slated for Oct. 8 to 10 in Arrington, Virginia. Outside Business Journal