BRICK. Digital Marketing Service Helps Retailers Build a Digital Foundation

September 27, 2017

Offers Analysis and Strategy for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

September 27, 2017, Asheville, NC – BRICK, a subsidiary of Darby Communications, is a new digital marketing service offered exclusively to location-based retailers serving the outdoor recreation market. This service is designed to help specialty retailers drive foot and online traffic, and increase their competitive advantage by promoting products, services and brands they represent via one or more digital channels.

“Our goal at BRICK. is to strengthen brick-and-mortar retailers’ relationships within their local and online communities,” states Angie Robinson, Vice President of Darby Communications. “Based on our research, we know there is a need for social media support, education and overall coaching for retailers so they can compete and succeed in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

Retailers need to stand out in a dynamic, consumer-empowered and digitally-powered marketplace, whether they have an online shop or not. BRICK. works with retailers to define their online target audiences, build custom content and tailor online brand messaging. The team at BRICK. will help connect the dots with important vendors to maximize partnerships, create and track targeted social ads that will drive traffic in-store or to a retailer’s online shops, or both, and optimize the retailer’s channels to guarantee effective digital marketing strategies, with the end-goal of increasing sales.

BRICK. offers two separate packages that are tailored to meet a retailer’s unique needs. The first package is designed to evaluate a retailer’s social channels and develop a campaign map to improve their effectiveness on social media. Package Two includes the same offerings as Package One, but with an education component to ensure the retailer’s key staff members have the know-how to continue implementing the shop’s social media strategy for long-term success.

For more information on BRICK. or to find out what is included in the different packages, visit www.darbycommunications.com/brick or email Angie Robinson at angie@darbycommunications.com.

About BRICK.

BRICK. is the solution for brick-and-mortar retailers struggling to be relevant in a digital era. By working closely with retailers, developing their social media ad strategy and educating their staff members throughout the process, BRICK. helps retailers draw new customers into their physical store or online shop. By increasing retailers’ digital competitive advantage through promotion of their products, services and brands they represent via one or more digital channels, BRICK. helps them maintain their foothold in the industry.