A second boom in outdoor gear: Geartrade sees record-setting sales and listings of used gear ahead of ski season

September 13, 2022

Geartrade this week shared year-over-year growth statistics indicating significant and accelerating growth of both sales and listings sellers

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (September 13, 2022) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ –  With winter just around the corner, the used gear marketplace at Geartrade (geartrade.com) is seeing a record volume of product come in the door, and a record amount of sales head out the door at massive discounts.

Geartrade this week shared year-over-year growth statistics indicating significant and accelerating growth of both sales and listings sellers. Compared to 2021, Geartrade gross sales from individual sellers are up more than 50% year-to-date through the start of September, and up 82% in the last three months. That growth is fueled directly by a steepening growth in listings – up 56% since January, up 90% in the last three months, and up 152% in the month of August.

“There are certainly some sales challenges in the new gear marketplace right now, but that should definitely not be confused with a lack of interest in winter sports. Based on what’s happening right now in the used gear marketplace, it’s going to be another huge winter,” said Aaron Provine, president of Geartrade.com.

In addition to well-loved pieces of used gear being sold by individuals, listings on Geartrade.com also includes product from brand warehouses – a mix of sales samples, returns, cosmetic blemishes, and other not-quite-new gear from legendary gear makers like Stio, Ortovox, Dynafit, DPS, Jack Wolfskin and others.

Every product on Geartrade is thoroughly examined and rated for quality, and each listing includes detailed descriptions of visible wear or other material issues. Once posted, discounts from the product’s original retail price can be as deep as 90% off, though the average discount in the marketplace is 55%.

A contributor to the recent boom of Geartrade listings is the simplicity of their consignment service, an Easy Button for sellers of used gear which includes delivery of a free postage-paid box and a concierge service that receives, evaluates, photographs and posts all product sales on behalf of the seller.

ABOUT GEARTRADE: Geartrade is a Climate Neutral Certified and family-owned online marketplace for UnNew outdoor gear and apparel. Founded in 1999 and relaunched in 2019, Geartrade makes it easy to buy and sell used gear, extends the life cycle of all outdoor products, and minimizes their environmental impact wherever they can. Geartrade sellers include individuals, retailers, and manufacturers; and their selling options include both self-listing as well as consignment – which includes free boxes, free shipping, and complete hassle-free posting of all items. For more information or to sell that great old backpack hanging in your garage, please visit Geartrade.com.