Accell North America Launches Commerce-Enabled Haibike Website Experience

April 19, 2018

Adds Fulfilment Opportunities to IBD Partners

Simi Valley, CA – April 19, 2018 – Accell North America (ANA) brings more new consumers and fulfillment opportunities to its Independent Bicycle Dealers (IBD) with the launch of a commerce-enabled website for its ePerformance mountain bike brand, Haibike (www.haibikeusa.com).

When Haibike launched in Germany in 2010, it introduced an entirely new cycling experience and category in ePerformance, or pedal-assist off-road performance riding. EPerformance bikes maximize a rider’s physical capabilities with high-performance mountain bike designs that feature an on-demand, quiet boost of electric support.

According to an April 20 report issued by the Bicycle Products Supplier Association (BPSA) and People for Bikes, ebikes now comprise the fastest growing sector in cycling, and Haibike is the fastest-growing brand in the category, according to Larry Pizzi, President of ANA’s ebike division.

“Adding Haibike to our growing Consumer-Centric Omnichannel Strategy brings an incredible opportunity for IBD’s to grow their reach to new cyclists and position themselves as a trusted, go-to resource for consumers searching for a pedal-assisted off-road riding experience,” Pizzi said. “This is especially meaningful as more and more terrain is opening up for eMTB enthusiasts in North America.”

According to the BPSA and People for Bikes report, eMTBs are now allowed in state parks in Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Utah. EMTB policies are being developed for Oregon State Parks and there are other states considering adoption as well.

“New and existing mountain biking enthusiasts are now able to ride with friends and family as pedal-assist performance Haibikes level the playing field, opening up the experience to riders of all ability and fitness levels,” he said.

According to the BPSA’s quarterly sell-in report compiled by The NPD Group (published April 17, 2018 in BRAIN), ebike sales accounted for 9.8 percent of all wholesale bike sales in the first quarter, up from 5.5 percent of the total market in the same quarter last year.

With the launch of the commerce-enabled Haibikeusa.com website, ANA expands the range of brands being offered to IBD’s through its Consumer-Centric Omnichannel Strategy, an IBD partnership opportunity launched on Jan. 19, 2018. The move expands ANA’s brand portfolio available for click and collect and enables IBD’s to reach a much wider customer base.

ANA has been distributing Haibike for four years in the United States and the brand is part of ANA’s ebike division.

Accell Group, N.V. (AG), the global leader in ebikes, is the parent company of ANA. The company launched its Consumer-Centric Omnichannel Strategy in January 2018, which catalyzes IBD’s to modernize and serve today’s networked, omnichannel consumer without shouldering the risk. Partner IBD’s can now acquire new customers by leveraging direct-to-consumer sales and fulfillment opportunities while offering innovative last mile service and support.

ANA distributes Raleigh, Raleigh Electric, Haibike, iZip, Diamondback and Redline bicycles in North America, and now offers an innovative mobile solution, data engine and the convenience of home service and delivery through Beeline Bikes, the largest mobile bike service franchise in the United States. AG acquired Beeline in late March, 2018. AG is the largest bicycle company in Europe, and is a publicly listed corporation with $1.3 billion in annual revenue.

AG and ANA will continue to invest in new fulfillment partners to Beeline, enabling IBD partners to fulfill other (non-ANA) brands, starting spring 2018. The company plans to expand the footprint of Beeline Bikes franchisees in the next 18 months to key metropolitan areas and regions.


ANA is the North American arm of the Accell Group, the leading bicycle company in Europe, and the global leader in ebike. The Accell Group is one of the most stable, largest bicycle companies in the world, and is the parent company of Raleigh Bicycles, and the Raleigh Electric bicycles, iZip and Haibike ebike brands, as well as Diamondback and Redline bicycles. ANA is also the largest investor in Beeline, a mobile channel franchise opportunity that also offers IBD’s a powerful tech platform, yielding very strong data that will continue to strengthen ANA’s new omnichannel program.

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