Addaday Helps Ultra Runners Go The Distance As The Official Recovery Partner Of The Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run

December 3, 2019

Addaday Cements its Status as a World Leader in Recovery Technology at The World’s Oldest 100-Mile Trail Race

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Dec. 3, 2019 – Addaday Intelligent Technologies (AIT), announced today its partnership with the Western States® as the Official Recovery Partner of the iconic 100-mile trail race, one of the oldest and most challenging endurance tests in the world.

The new partnership brings Addaday’s award-winning technology to help ultrarunners bounce back after the race. Its range of advanced recovery tools will be available to athletes pre-race and also at the finish line, including the new Addaday IRONMAN BioChair, a total body recovery system that delivers targeted therapies to speed recovery and eliminate muscle and tendon injury; and the Addaday BioZoom sonic handheld percussion massage gun, which helps with myofascial release and blood flow for an even faster recovery.

Addaday’s partnership with Western States underscores the brand’s status as a world leader in recovery technology. In August, IRONMAN announced that Addaday as the Official Recovery Chair Partner of the IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 U.S. Series. In addition, many teams and professional athletes at the highest levels of football, baseball, hockey and Olympic sports now use Addaday’s products for their recovery needs.

“A partnership with Western States is not just a financial transaction – it’s an endorsement from one of the most respected and sought-after endurance races in the world,” said Victor Yang, CEO and founder of Addaday Intelligent Technologies – and an ultrarunner himself. “We are committed to giving motivated athletes access to the best recovery technology to help them get the most out of their sport – and that includes at the finish line of the 2019 Western States.”

“I’m very selective when it comes clothing, equipment or nutrition – I have to be – and when it comes to recovery, Addaday beats all the rest,” said Martin Schneekloth, Western States finisher and one of only a handful of people to have ever completed the Last Great Race – a challenge that consists of running the first six 100-milers in the United States over a three-month period. “I’ve tried them all but Addaday’s BioZoom and BioChair not only work, but the products make recovery fit more seamlessly into my busy life.”

“Recovery for athletes is not optional, it’s a necessity. Treating both professional and amateur athletes every day, I have found that reducing lower extremity swelling and inflammation can be the difference between competing and being injured,” said Dr. Mike Venezia DC, Addaday Intelligent Technologies’ Expert BioMechanist and Resident Doctor of Chiropractic. “The BioChair’s dynamic leg and foot compression addresses this better than any device on the market; and the BioZoom delivers deeper penetrating vibratory relief to your tissue, decreases pain sensitivity and reduces swelling and inflammation.”

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Founded in 2011, Addaday is a premier injury prevention and recovery company committed to getting customers moving and feeling like the best version of themselves. Addaday tools are designed with the highest standard of quality and innovative technology, which mimics the techniques used by professionals on elite athletes to help speed recovery and help eliminate muscle and tendon scarring. Each Addaday product can be seamlessly incorporated into your daily recovery and health maintenance program to help relieve different soft tissue and muscular issues. For more information, visit www.addaday.com.