All New Elan Playmaker Transforms the Mountain into your Playgrounds

March 1, 2023

Fresh design influencing a freestyle spirit with freeride confidence

Begunje, Slovenia (Winter 23/24) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Elan Skis, handcrafted skis 100% made in the Slovenian Alps for nearly 80 years, transforms the entire mountain into your own playground on the all-new Playmaker. Designed for the pop and playful freeskier who also desires the versatility needed to perform in freeride environments. From pillows and spines to wind lips and jumps, the Playmaker allows skiers to surf and slash through any terrain feature.

The two-ski series perfectly blends the trusted capabilities of a directional freeride ski with the personality of a bi-directional freestyle ski by featuring a state-of-the-art 3D construction with carbon rods that deliver a lightweight pop and power and enhanced by the skis surf rocker with Dual Float Technology that delivers bi-directional floatation from a perfect amount of tip and tail turn-up from a 3D trapezoid shape.

As brand-new skis for the 2023/24 season, following Elan’s landmark sustainability year in 2022, the Playmaker skis are made with sustainable practices from start to finish. Without compromising any performance, the skis’ state of the art construction reduces 10 percent of materials with its 3D shape in addition to leveraging inter-production recycling by using excess materials from other construction processes. Furthermore, the graphics use a digital process that reduces volatile organic compound waste. All of this happens in Elan’s factory located in the Slovenian Alps which runs 100% on green energy, so the next generation of skiers can enjoy winter for years to come.

“The Playmaker fills a void we have been missing in our collection,” said Product Manager, Klarisa Veselic. “We didn’t just want to be another twin tip on the slopes, we were intentional about retaining the trust and confidence gained from freeride performance, but translating that into a playful freestyle ski with a lot of pop and power.”

The Playmaker is offered in two widths and is designed to be a unisex ski for both men and women.

Playmaker 101 Specs:
Dimensions: 132/101/122
Lengths: 164,172, 180, 188

Playmaker 91 Specs:
Dimensions: 122/91/116
Lengths:156, 164, 172, 180, 188

About Elan

Elan is a dedicated ski manufacturer in the Slovenian Alps with nearly 80 years of experience building the best skis in the world for friends and families who live the skiing lifestyle and are all about good times in the mountains. Earning praise year after year in test results and design awards, the innovative product manufactured reflects the brand’s heritage and dedication to not just building skis but building BETTER skis to produce lifetime experiences in the mountains. For more information, please visit: https://www.elanskis.com/en/

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