AlpineAire Debuts New, Unique Snack Line for 2017

July 28, 2016

First-of-its-kind lineup expands backcountry kitchen to everyday use

Minneapolis, Minn. (July 28, 2016) — AlpineAire, a pioneer and leader in the freeze-dried food marketplace for over 30 years, announced today their new Snack Line collection of sweet and savory snack mixes, fruit blends and first to market instant, just-add-water dips and super smoothies.  “Our newly developed AlpineAire Snack Line includes unique first-to-market instant dips and super smoothies that are ready when you are, expanding when and where customers can enjoy our freeze-dried foods,” said Shawn Hostetter, president of Katadyn North America. “We’re excited to provide outdoor enthusiasts with unique new offerings that replace typical trail snacks and also provide a delicious option beyond the backcountry and for everyday activities.”

The new Snack Line maintains AlpineAire’s nutritional values, keeping quality and nutrition in the forefront with zero additives and preservatives for healthy and sustainable enjoyment.

New AlpineAire Super Smoothies are the first products of their type to hit the market. They provide a delicious and functional approach to a fan favorite pick-me-up. Users just add water to the Super Smoothie mix of their choice and enjoy their daily dose of tasty nutrients at home or on the go.

“Our instant Super Smoothies provide a delicious alternative for on-demand enjoyment thanks to plant-based proteins, milk substitutes and the best fruits and greens available,” said Tim Pratt, general manager of AlpineAire.

Influenced by the wildly successful and delicious handcrafted hass avocado Guacamole Dip, another first-to-market is a series of just-add-water Instant Dips. While most dip mixes are simple bases requiring additional ingredients, AlpineAire maximizes your favorite dips and spreads for the backcountry, side country and office just by simply adding water—without need for refrigeration or coolers. All dips are uniquely crafted to suit a variety of tastes and allergens.

AlpineAire also expanded its freeze-dried fruit blends to include the novelty Grape Escape, a crisp and crunchy blend of naturally sweet freeze-dried seedless red grapes (note: these are not even close to tasting like raisins). Bringing the Snack Line full circle, new ready-to-eat snack mixes like Mango Fire incorporate ingenious combinations of sweet and savory spices while others indulge with dried fruits, dark chocolates and nuts.

The AlpineAire Snack Line is entirely gluten-free with vegan and vegetarian options available. It will be available to specialty retailers January 2017.  

About AlpineAire

When choosing gear for your adventures, you look for a quality product and a name you can trust. When it comes to food, you seek great-tasting and nutritious ingredients that will sustain you. At AlpineAire Foods, our passion for food is only exceeded by our thirst for adventure. Since 1979 we have been dedicated to working with only the finest ingredients to deliver convenient, satisfying and nutritious meals. With an emphasis on quality, combined with the care that goes into every one of our products, you can count on AlpineAire Foods to fuel your next adventure.