Announcing Mazama’s Newest INTAKE™ Hydration Reservoir for Hip Packs

May 20, 2022

New INTAKE™ Lumbar is the universal hip pack replacement reservoir

Bend, Ore. –May 20th, 2022/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Mazama Designs has launched the newest addition to their high performing INTAKE™ Reservoir line for hands-free hydration.  Mazama’s new 1.5 L lumbar reservoir offers easy filling, faster flow, and taste-free hydration in a bladder sized to fit standard hip packs.  INTAKE’s™ easy functionality streamlines reservoir prep and ensures fast and efficient fluid delivery during active outdoor use.  As a replacement reservoir or a new addition to a pack, the INTAKE™ Lumbar is the perfect option for mountain bike, hike, and ski outings when fast and light travel is preferred.

Mazama’s INTAKE™ Lumbar reservoir paired within a hip pack offers several performance advantages for active hydration compared with backpacks. Hip packs weigh less and cover a smaller amount of the body. With a hydration hip pack, the fluid weight is located near the wearer’s center-of-gravity for more efficient and stable carrying.   Without a sweat-inducing backpack and chafing shoulder straps, the wearer can stay cool and enjoy maximum freedom of movement. At a compact 8.5 tall by 10.5 inches wide this reservoir fits within most hip packs while providing enough water for 1-3 hour outings.

Featuring a larger drink tube and improved bite valve, the brand-new INTAKE™ Lumbar reservoir delivers 20% more flow than its predecessor.   Mazama’s innovative GYZR™ bite valve offers bite-activated flow from any orientation plus the option of streaming flow for fast thirst quenching or dispensing.   A drink tube clip plus a magnet retainer base is included for versatile drink tube tethering offering convenient access to fluid on the on-the-move.  Mazama’s polyethylene-based film ensures refreshing drinking without the plastic taste associated with other reservoirs.

With the INTAKE™ Lumbar, Mazama addressed reservoir prep and ease-of-use as well:  “We dove deep into the challenge of developing a better integrated, more functional reservoir and the features built into the INTAKE™ line make it easier to hydrate on the move plus will help get you out the door with less fuss,” explained Matt Hoskins, Mazama’s founder.  INTAKE™ Lumbar features an expandable top opening that’s easy to seal and won’t leak.  This same technology allows the reservoir to remain open for drying, discouraging bacteria growth.  Likewise, the open flow option built into the GYZR™ bite valve facilitates tube dry-out. The auto-close, quick connect exit port makes it easy to load and unload the reservoir from a pack without spills.

The INTAKE™ 1.5 L Lumbar reservoir joins Mazama’s INTAKE™ 3 L and 2 L backpack style models along with the INTAKE™ Insulated reservoir which delivers cold water for hours on end. The INTAKE 1.5 L Lumbar (MSRP $34.00) is now available at as well as select retailers.

Mazama offers a full range of replacement reservoirs for popular backpacks and hip packs. All Mazama reservoirs are BPA and PVC-free and are backed by a lifetime guarantee plus Mazama’s renown customer service. The patent-pending reservoirs are made with high-quality, USA-sourced film that is taste-free and anti-microbial.

For more information on Mazama Designs, please visit For wholesale inquiries reach out to: If you’re attending this year’s Summer Outdoor Retailer Show, please visit Mazama at the NW Pavilion, Booth #34071-UL.


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Mazama Designs, LLC is an outdoor-products development company located in trail happy Bend, Oregon.  For outdoor enthusiasts who need hands-free hydration on the trail, Mazama is the hydration solutions brand that makes active hydration effortless so that people can enjoy their outdoor moments to the fullest.  With testing grounds, just out-the-backdoor, Mazama designs its products from the ground up to make it easy and efficient to hydrate on the move. We take care of the details, so you don’t have to.