Apex® Ski Boots Welcomes Jax Mariash Mustafa as New President

April 19, 2023

Renowned Outdoor Industry Leader Jax Mariash Mustafa Takes the Helm at Apex Ski Boots, Bringing Extensive Experience in Marketing and Innovation to the Company's Next Chapter

GOLDEN, Colorado, April 19th, 2023  /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/Apex® Ski Boots, a pioneer in the development of high-performance, comfortable ski boot solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jax Mariash Mustafa as the company’s new President. Mustafa, an accomplished professional athlete, entrepreneur, and passionate skier, brings a wealth of experience and a unique understanding of the needs of the ski community to her new role. Her appointment as President signals a bold new chapter for Apex Ski Boots as the company continues to innovate in ski boot design and enhance the skiing experience for individuals across the globe.

“We are thrilled to welcome Jax. She brings a unique set of skills and expertise ranging from strategic positioning to digital marketing and brand management that will accelerate the growth of our game changing ski boot technology. Jax also brings an incredible love of the outdoors including big mountain skiing to ultra long distance running that is well suited for our company”, said Apex’s previous President, investor, and board member Kevin Tice.

Mustafa is a distinguished World Champion ultrarunner and the successful founder of STOKED Roasters, a specialty coffee company serving outdoor enthusiasts. Mustafa additionally has a long history in the outdoor industry, having successfully led marketing teams for well-established brands like Crocs Footwear, Lucy Activewear, Powderbird Helicopter Skiing, Native Eyewear, and Erem Footwear. Her deep understanding of outdoor sports marketing, combined with her dedication and innovation and customer- centric approach, make her an ideal fit. “I am honored and thrilled to step into the role of President at Apex,” said Mustafa. “Apex has a rich legacy of pushing the boundaries of ski boot technology, and I am excited to build upon that legacy and continue to deliver outstanding products and experiences for our customers.”

As President, Jax will lead Apex in its pursuit of providing skiers with the highest level of performance, versatility, and comfort on the mountain. She will focus on expanding the company’s presence in the global ski market, forging strategic partnerships, and driving innovation in ski boot technology.

Apex Ski Boots is known for its groundbreaking modular system that separates the outer shell, or chassis, from the inner walkable boot. This innovative design allows for increased comfort, warmth, and walkability, while still providing exceptional power transfer and control during skiing.

With Mustafa at the helm, Apex is poised for continued success as it continues to revolutionize the ski industry with its innovative approach to ski boot design. Skiers worldwide can look forward to exciting new developments and innovations from Apex under Jax’s leadership.

About Apex® Ski Boots:

Apex® Ski Boots, headquartered in Golden, Colorado, is a leading innovator in ski boot technology. Combining the comfort and warmth of a snowboard boot with the performance and precision of an alpine ski boot, Apex Ski Boots have revolutionized the way skiers experience the mountain. Apex Ski Boots are designed for all skill levels, from beginners to expert skiers, and are available worldwide through a network of ski retailers and online at apexskiboots.com.

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