Arcade Belt Co. Announces Shift to REPREVE® Recycled Polyester

July 19, 2022

Changing For Good: Brand’s Performance Stretch Belts Keeps Focus on Comfort, Durability and Functionality, for Freedom of Motion - While Reducing Environmental Footprint

OLYMPIC VALLEY, Calif. – July 19, 2022 /OUTDOORS PSORTSWIRE/ – Arcade (https://arcadebelts.com), founded on the belief that belts should function better for freedom of motion, be designed to last longer, and be more comfortable, today announces that all of its belts will now be made with REPREVE®, a post-consumer, certified recycled yarn. The shift to REPREVE® across the full range of Arcade belt products will have a smaller footprint without sacrificing comfort, durability, or functionality.

“Throughout our journey to design and make uncomplicated, genius belts, we have consistently kept our focus on doing everything we can as a team and as a brand to reduce the impact on our environment,” said Kevin Walker, Marketing Director at Arcade. “We partnered with REPREVE® to ensure our standards of high-quality, performance materials used in all of our belt webbing were met. We are really proud to be shifting all of our belts over to REPREVE® certified recycled polyester, a gold standard in both sourcing and fabrication that is fully traceable.”

Arcade belt webbing is now made of 85% REPREVE® recycled polyester and 15% natural rubber, a virgin material that gives Arcade belts their signature performance stretch and comfort. Arcade buckles are made of a virgin POM or nylon, which is a 100% recyclable material. While recycled elastics and plastics exist, through lab and in-field testing, Arcade has found that these alternatives are not as durable and do not meet the company’s standards for product longevity and quality. Arcade uses these chosen materials for their buckles and performance stretch component of their belts because, ultimately, the more sustainable solution is to make products that last longer.

“Arcade belts retain their controlled performance stretch and keep their durable structure, even after years of active daily use, that’s why we confidently attach a lifetime guarantee to our products,” added Walker. “A major part of being more sustainable is choosing the right partners and quality materials from the very beginning. The shift to recycled yarn in all Arcade belts adds yet another layer to our on-going efforts to tread lighter.”

By choosing to make their performance stretch belts with post-consumer REPREVE® recycled yarn, by 2024, Arcade will:

  • Repurpose 3+ million plastic bottles from oceans and landfills
  • Reduce 300 kg of CO2 emissions
  • Save 3.1 million liters of water

REPREVE® is a trusted, recycled performance yarn made from clear, post-consumer plastic bottles. Compared to making virgin yarn, REPREVE® offsets using new petroleum, emits fewer greenhouse gasses and conserves water and energy throughout the production process.

All new performance stretch webbing belts currently available at arcadebelts.com now feature REPREVE®, including the Adventure, Capture, and Futureweave series of belts.

About Arcade:

Developed from the ground up with high-quality materials that are built to go everywhere and anywhere, each Arcade belt provides a custom fit, sturdy hold, and the right amount of flexibility to move with you. Love for our planet and the adventurous people on it is the spark that lights our fuse. We celebrate and protect the places and communities that are the fabric of an active, fun, and healthy life. Arcade is proud to partner with and support the High Fives Foundation, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Protect Our Winters, Save the Waves Coalition, and Big City Mountaineers. Learn more at http://www.arcadebelts.com.


REPREVE® is Unifi, Inc.’s (NYSE: UFI) flagship brand of high-quality textile fibers, polyester chip and plastic bottle flake, all made from recycled materials. To date, Unifi has transformed more than 5 billion plastic bottles into REPREVE® fibers, which can be found in products among the apparel, home furnishings and automotive markets. REPREVE® fibers offer customers an earth-friendly solution for synthetic applications and can be combined with Unifi’s technologies for enhanced performance, comfort and aesthetic characteristics. REPREVE® chip and REPREVE® flake have many end uses, including food-grade packaging, injection molding and plastic sheeting. For more information about REPREVE®, visit www.REPREVE.com.

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