Beringia Launches BERINGIA PILSNER

February 9, 2022

Collaboration with New Hokkaido Beverage Co. brings Japanese-style craft beer to the Rocky Mountains

Bozeman MT – Febraury 9, 2022 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Beringia, the premium Bozeman-based gear and apparel brand, today announced the launch of BERINGIA PILS, a multi-year beverage collaboration in partnership with the New Hokkaido Beverage Co.

The Beringia label was born from a desire to bring together global mountain expertise with modern Japanese design and impeccable quality. Beringia gear is recognized for the use of innovative designs and fabrics that stand up to harsh conditions while delivering the highest levels of technical performance.

BERINGIA PILS follows closely in this endeavor with an offering that conveys the tradition and finesse of Japanese craft brewing to like-minded communities across the globe, who recognize that sharing a cold beer builds lifetime friendships. Especially after a day of riding powder or chasing waves powered by ‘Aleutian Juice,’ the powerful storms that originate out of the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea region connecting the American and Asian continents.

Robert ‘Bernie’ Bernthal, CEO of Beringia, explains, “Our intention in crafting this beer with our friends at NHB was to create a world-class Pilsner, the ultimate après beverage to toast a great session of steep powder or stacked barrels. As the Beringia community grows around the world, we wanted to tap our network of talented artisans like Emile Holmewood, who created the beer’s epic artwork; and Gustav Gentaro Dose, whose mastery of magical ingredients at New Hokkaido Beverage Co lay the foundation of Beringia Pils; and the far-flung guides and gastronomes who know how to pair the right beer with life’s most exhilarating experiences.”

New Hokkaido Beverage Co, a Japanese-style craft brewer, took charge of the months-long cold lagering process to ensure BERINGIA PILSNER delivers an Arctic crispness with a clean finish. The effort was led by master brewer Gus Dose, who gained know-how in blending Japanese and German methods through years of experience brewing in Japan and other parts of Asia. Says Dose, “It’s been truly rewarding to work with Beringia to design a beer for a very specific purpose and clientele, namely the serious outdoor enthusiasts who live for a natural rush.”

BERINGIA PILSNER is now available at select locations between Bozeman and Jackson Hole, including Mountains Walking Brewery & Pub, The Blackbird Kitchen, and Franco Snowshapes.

About Beringia

BERINGIA creates beautiful, functional technical gear that helps you explore the outdoors in the most direct and unmediated fashion. Distinctive design, global mountain expertise, and highest-test quality are the marks of every BERINGIA garment. Its apparel collections and fabrics have won accolades from the Outdoor press and captured the respect of guides and ski professionals. BERINGIA products are designed for an Arctic region where fire + ice merge in a lost world of steep powder and stacked barrels. Explore the brand at www.beringia.world.

About New Hokkaido Beverage Co.

New Hokkaido beers are the union of new and old, mountains and rivers, rice and hops, cool forests, and deep snow. New Hokkaido is a phantom brewery that exists everywhere and nowhere. Other beers available from New Hokkaido include Yuki-Onna Snowy IPA, Kodama Double IPA, Yamabiko Rice Lager, Yabai Tanuki Hazy IPA, Kitsune-Sakura Mochi Beer. Learn more about the brews at www.newhokkaido.com.

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