Beyond Coastal Announces New Athlete Team

March 15, 2018

From big mountain skiers to photographers and endurance runners, Beyond Coastal is dedicated to providing top-level protection for the world’s best athletes.

Sun Valley, ID. (March 15, 2018) – Beyond Coastal, manufacturer of premium suncare products, announced today its new athlete roster. The team includes ten new athletes, including big mountain skiers, snowboarders, endurance athlete, climbers and photographers. Beyond Coastal is dedicated to providing top-level protection to those who need it most.

The new Beyond Coastal team includes: Olympic snowboard gold medalist Kaitlyn Farrington, big mountain skier and TGR staple Griffin Post, five-time national champion ski mountaineer and alpinist Janelle Smiley, big mountain skier McKenna Peterson, renowned adventure photographer Adam Clark, seven-time World Champion mountain biker Rebecca Rusch, big wall climber Kate Rutherford, two-time World Champion big mountain skier and mountaineer Chris Davenport, skier and mountain biker Amy David, and endurance athlete Kelly Halpin. This stacked athlete team spends prolonged hours in exposed environments, often at high altitudes, increasing their exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. With no room for compromise, they demand the best from their sunscreen products.

Designed to endure, Beyond Coastal products are formulated for those who require premium protection for prolonged activity with intense exposure. Unlike other chemical-laden formulas, Beyond Coastal is also committed to using healthy ingredients to nourish and protect skin from the harshest environments.

“We are excited to work with a roster of athletes of this caliber,” says Colleen Gilligan, Director of Marketing. “As the best of the best in their respective sports, our team puts Beyond Coastal formulas to the ultimate test. We want to educate consumers about sun safety and to be transparent about suncare information. As influential members of their communities, the team will be invaluable in our goal of educating consumers on sun safety and being transparent about suncare information. They will help us spread the word about living a life, safely, outdoors.”

In addition, the team of athletes will also help evolve the Beyond Coastal brand and its products. By working hand-in-hand with the product development team, the athletes will provide feedback on suncare products from their first-hand experiences in harsh, exposed environments.

“As a professional skier I have spent most of my adult life outside, in the mountains,” says professional skier, Chris Davenport. “We all know how damaging sun exposure can be to our skin, which is why I take my sunscreen as serious as I do staying safe in the mountains! There is nothing worse than a bad sunburn, not to mention the long term damage it will cause. So I cover up multiple times a day with the Beyond Coastal Active Face Stick. It’s a small package that delivers big results and gives me piece of mind when ski touring and climbing.”

Find out more about Beyond Coastal’s Team of athletes here: www.beyondcoastal.com/athletes

About Beyond Coastal

Beyond Coastal was founded in 2006 with the goal of offering the clean and healthy suncare products for those who live their lives in the outdoors. Beyond Coastal products are broad spectrum and water-resistant, designed for outdoor athletes who require maximum protection for intense, prolonged exposure to the elements. Formulas are created with hard working, natural inactive ingredients in order to deliver safe and natural protection and rank as some of the safest on the market by the Environmental Working Group seven years running.  For more information, www.beyondcoastal.com