Big Rig Media Offers Complimentary Marketing Evaluation to RV Parks and Resorts

January 5, 2022

Digital Marketing Landscape Changing in 2022

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Big Rig Media, the recognized leader in providing high-growth modern marketing solutions to the outdoor hospitality industry and specializing in RV parks and resorts, is offering a consultation session free of charge to evaluate current marketing efforts, planned efforts for 2022, and to offer recommendations for the most effective marketing tactics in the New Year, based on tracking the most current granular data and statistics as a tech-first marketing firm.

There are numerous ways to market an RV park or resort from traditional methods to advanced modern digital marketing. However, with digital marketing the landscape is constantly evolving and can be difficult to stay abreast of the latest and most effective options to bring the best return on a marketing investment. From sharing how to gain a competitive edge using Google Ads, to taking advantage of new Facebook and Instagram algorithms – while also exploring traditional marketing tools – the consultation will include a take-away marketing plan specific to one’s park and goals, and questions are welcome to address any digital landscape confusion or clarification. There is no fee and consultations can be scheduled by visiting https://www.bigrigmedia.com/free-rv-park-marketing-evaluation/.

“We have provided cutting-edge services in the RV park space for 20 years, having a team of specialists who are consistently analyzing the intricacies of web data to determine the most effective ways to drive traffic to our clients websites and to increase bookings, and who also connect the digital platforms to work seamlessly together,” states Jeff Beyer, Founder and CEO of Big Rig Media. “We are committed to their success and pride ourselves in staying on the forefront of new and changing methods, and for regularly evaluating results to make any improvements based on tracking how the leads and bookings are coming in.”

Since 2000, Big Rig Media has played an active role in helping hundreds of RV resorts, manufactured home communities and the greater outdoor hospitality industry sell their inventory and fill their properties. The long-tenured in-house team brings the full-range of expertise needed to conceive and execute business building sales and marketing programming:  strategy, technology development, design, digital media and marketing, social media engagement, analytics, security, automation and project management. Big Rig Media has built a reputation for flawless execution and a relentless focus on delivering results.

To learn more about Big Rig Media visit www.bigrigmedia.com. Big Rig Media can be reached at (866) 524-4744, or via email at sales@bigrigmedia.com.


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