Blackburn Design Launches Luminate 360™ Light Set

August 2, 2019

A bright front, rear, and side-light system designed to increase a cyclist’s side visibility and provide 360 degrees of rider visibility, day or night.

(Scotts Valley, CA) Blackburn Design, the cycling industry leader in bike accessories, today announced the launch of the new Luminate 360™ Light Set. This set includes a Dayblazer™ 400 front light, a Dayblazer™ 65 rear light, and two amber-colored 85-lumen Grid Side Beacon™ lights that mount anywhere on the front fork, bike or bag to enhance a cyclist’s side visibility to motorists, day or night. The Luminate 360™lights are now available for riders from authorized Blackburn Design retailers and www.blackburndesign.com.

“Of all the things that cyclists have to worry about while on the road, being seen by motorists shouldn’t have to be one of them,” said Dan Powell, Marketing Manager for Blackburn Design. “With the Luminate 360 light set, we designed a system that provides commuters, road cyclists, bikepackers – anyone on a bike – a full 360 degrees of visibility. It’s the kind of product that provides riders the confidence they need to go further, do more, and be better prepared for whatever adventure they’re on.”

Being able to see while riding in the dark is important, but so is being seen by motorists. A recent study by the League of American Bicyclists demonstrated that 27% of bicycle accidents are due to side impacts; a 2010-2017 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed that 30% of bike-related fatalities occur in intersections. When utilizing the Luminate 360™ Light Set, it has never been easier for cyclists to be seen from all angles and at all times.

These weather-proof, rechargeable lights utilize long-lasting lithium polymer / lithium-ion batteries and recharge with any standard micro-USB charger. The front light is Blackburn’s powerful Dayblazer 400 light with a 400-lumen, 200-lumen, pulse, and strobe setting. The rear light is Blackburn’s bright Dayblazer 65 with a 65-lumen high flash setting, 50-lumen solid and 35-lumen low strobe setting. The side-lights are Blackburn’s new Grid Side Beacon lights that boast 85-lumens on high/solid/flash and 50-lumens on low/solid/strobe. The Grid Side Beacon lights mount anywhere on the fork/bike/bag using reusable silicone straps and generate bright amber light that amplifies a cyclist’s side visibility. They can also be used as stand-alone lights, in conjunction with any head and tail light.

For additional technical information and product images of the Luminate 360™Light Set, visit: http://bit.ly/Luminate360

About Blackburn Design:

In 1975, Jim Blackburn looked at the emerging cycling culture and knew he could make a difference. That meant thinking from the end-user perspective and showing respect for materials and their functionality while offering purpose-built design and innovation. Since its founding, Blackburn Design has honed those principles to build quality gear that allows people to go further, do more, and be better prepared for everyday and extraordinary adventures alike. Join the adventure on social: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.