Blood Origins Equips Wildlife Protection Units on Africa’s Conservation Frontlines

July 27, 2023

Organization Looking for Additional Partners in the Fight to Save Africa’s Native Wildlife

July 27, 2023, Africa/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Blood Origins, a US-based non-profit promoting wildlife conservation and ethical hunting practices, announced the successful first leg of their anti-poaching mission in Africa. The fledgling program, which launched in 2023 with industry support, is providing Africa’s Wildlife Protection Units (WPU) with renewed vigor and resources in their mission to save their country’s iconic wildlife and fisheries from illegal poaching.

“The beginning of our anti-poaching program has started off amazing. We know how hard this work is on the gear and the individuals putting themselves out there,” said Robbie Kröger, Founder and Executive Director of Blood Origins. “We asked partners to help us equip anti-poaching units with the necessary tools to succeed.”

The WPU are on the front lines of the war against illegal poaching, fighting uphill battles against an elusive foe where the terrain and weather make their daily work challenging. Industry leaders like Bergara, Vortex®, Eberlestock and My Medic jumped at the chance to outfit the Units – providing backpacks, binoculars, and monetary support to ensure the anti-poaching units had everything they might need to carry out their treacherous day-to-day.

“This is an incredible opportunity to support Blood Origins and the anti-poaching work being done in Africa. There is no question that we are finding creative ways to support this vital work,” said Greg Williams, Chief Marketing Officer from Eberlestock.

Echoing this sentiment was Sawyer Briel, Brand and Marketing Manager from Vortex®. “We’re hopeful that getting binoculars in the hands of these anti-poaching units will help take all the important work they’re already doing to the next level.”

African wildlife has long been in the spotlight due to poaching, corruption, and the illegal animal trade. As a whole, these nefarious activities have a negative impact on the ecosystems and local economy. Unfortunately, WPU units aren’t immune with reports of bribery compromising their overall effectiveness. “Providing high quality gear is a motivational boost to these guys on the ground doing incredible work. It’s like saying, we see you, we hear you, and we want to reward you for being loyal to the cause!” said Kröger.

“The locations we are investing in now are already showing fruits of our initial efforts,” continued Kröger, “The impact is small right now, but with more partners, more gear, and more funds, we believe that this program could be very impactful across all of Africa.”

Get Involved

Blood Origins is seeking more partners to join their anti-poaching program in Africa. Individuals, companies, businesses and others are invited to donate gear and/or funding to grow and enhance the program across more areas of Africa.

Donors – please indicate that your donation is to support the Anti-Poaching Aid Program. Donations could be eligible for a tax donation. To Learn more about Blood Origins and other projects like this one, please visit the website at https://bloodorigins.org/