Blood Origins Launches ConservatiONE Fundraising Banquet Series

October 24, 2023

First Event is in Fort Worth, Texas on November 2nd at Iconic Drover Hotel

October 24, 2023, Collierville, TN/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Blood Origins, a US-based non-profit promoting global wildlife conservation and ethical hunting practices, announced the launch of their upcoming ConservatiONE fundraising banquet. Billed as “the most exclusive conservation event of the year”, the ConservatiONE event is a celebration of hunter-led conservation.

Aiming to connect hunting and wildlife advocates for an intimate night of networking and fundraising, the banquet will be at the iconic Drover Hotel in Fort Worth, TX on November 2nd.

“We are so excited to pull this off and can’t wait to connect and celebrate with our community” said Robbie Kröger, Founder and Executive Director of Blood Origins. “We expect this to be a marquee conservation event moving forward that truly moves the needle for both hunters and conserving wildlife around the globe.”

Kröger is keeping the crowd intimate and expects anywhere from 60-80 people at the event in Fort Worth with an invited guest list featuring prominent outdoor personalities, professional athletes, and musicians in addition to the usual mix of hunting and wildlife advocates. “It’s amazing to see how the work we are doing intersects with so many different individuals from different walks of life. It is humbling to be able to bring everyone together for one, common goal in a one place.”

A limited number of tables are available for the evening which will feature wine-paired field-to-table cuisine, live music, and a silent auction featuring a priceless collection of unique, one-of-a-kind contributions from artists throughout the outdoor industry. Contributing artists are Ed Anderson, Jennifer Kay, Stephen Alsac, Katie Hargreaves, Charity Wanechek, Jason Loftus, Kalia Cummings, Francesco Formisano, Brent Nolen, Andrew Arrabito, Richard King, Beth Ingram, Kelsey Johnson, Gage Speas, Kirkpatrick Forge, James Jubran, and Francesca Ritchie.

“This is just the start of something special” continued Kröger, “being able to celebrate hunters for standing behind their conservation-based values is paramount to the growth of the sport. A conservation first – or one conservation mindset – is what we will need moving forward and this event series will hopefully bring more value to both hunters and the wildlife we all love in the future.”

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Blood Origins is a US-based non-profit and global leader on the forefront of conservation. To Learn more about Blood Origins and their mission, please visit their website at https://bloodorigins.org/

For more information on the ConservatiONE event in Fort Worth please visit https://bloodorigins.org/2023-conservation-celebration-event/.

For more information on the silent auction and the artists involved please visit https://event.gives/bloodorigins