Blood Origins Successfully Funds Teacher Incentivization Program in Botswana

March 1, 2024

Program Funded by Local Hunting Operations Paints Brighter Future for Primary Schools in Rural Botswana

February 28, 2024, Collierville, TN/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Blood Origins, a US-based non-profit promoting global wildlife conservation and ethical hunting practices, announced the successful initial funding of their Teacher Incentivization Program in Botswana, Africa. The program leverages an existing prize-giving ceremony which is funded through hunting-generated revenues from local outfits, and hopes to inspire and incentivize teachers currently working in the region’s rural and underserved primary schools by giving these schools the support needed to provide a cash prize and overall award for “Best Teacher” at each school.

This past year, Blood Origins had the privilege of working with The Nata Conservation Trust (NCT) in Botswana to help local primary schools in the region expand upon their already good work. The NCT works with 4 communities: Nata, Maposa, Sepago, and Manxotae in implementing upliftment projects in each community through revenues generated from hunting in the concessions under their jurisdiction. Each village in the region has a primary school that benefits directly from hunting through work that the NCT does.

Currently and in years past, the NCT hosts a prize giving ceremony for all four schools to come together. The organization was responsible for covering all of the costs of the ceremony including paying for custom trophies and other out-of-pocket expenses.

“I knew we could help support this program” said Robbie Kroger, Executive Director of Blood Origins. “I could see the work done by NCT, I could see the pride in the principal’s eyes, and I felt we could step up to be the missing piece of the puzzle to add to the great work that is already occurring here”.

“I asked the principal at the Nata primary school – what would be an appropriate stipend to go with the trophy for the best teacher” Kroger noted, “He looked at me quite sternly and said “P5000” would be a good start”.

“I agreed on the spot”.

But when the crew got back in the car they felt we needed to do something even grander. Could a stipend be raised that would create a “best teacher” in each primary school? Could a P5000 be given to each primary school for the best teacher? Could we raise enough funding to do it for the next 2 years?

With the help of local hunting operations, Blood Origins was able to put together an incentive package for the region’s best teachers featuring a cash prize and trophy.

“There was never a doubt in my mind that hunters would step up” said Kroger.

“This is a true community project that is benefiting the individuals of this community. If we develop the learners, we develop a very sound nation, these are our future leaders, and we execute correctly, this is the outcome” stated the Principal Luzile, of the Nata Primary School.

With generous funding from the Sea Dragon Foundation, and the Wildlife Education Center at Legends Ranch, the project is now fully funded, we are all systems go for in 2024 and 2025 which will aim to further incentivize teachers to educate their kids as best as they possibly can be. This new incentivization program will provide a monetary stipend for the best teacher in each primary school under the care of The Nata Conservation Trust. We couldn’t be happier to see this project come to fruition and can’t wait to report back on the good these teachers are doing for their communities as educators of the next generation.

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