BRANWYN | Performance Innerwear Transitions to ZQ-Certified Wool

November 7, 2022

Brand commits to highest standards in environmental sustainability, social responsibility, ethical treatment of animals

Bend, OR – Nov. 7, 2022 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – BRANWYN | Performance Innerwear, the merino wool performance Innerwear brand made by women for women, is thrilled to announce a transition to ZQ-certified wool. Widely considered the world’s leading ethical wool, ZQ has long been the wool of choice for world-class brands that are serious about fiber quality, animal welfare, environmental sustainability, product traceability and social responsibility.

Long in compliance with REACH and OEKO-TEX standards, BRANWYN is excited to extend its commitment to ethical wool through its partnership with The New Zealand Merino Company, who sets the stringent ZQ Grower Standard. “At BRANWYN, the health of our customers, our sheep, and our planet has always come first,” says BRANWYN co-founder Lauren Shafer. “Transitioning to ZQ wool was the natural next step in our pledge to bring our customers the best of naturally sustainable merino.”

“Welcoming BRANWYN into the ZQ Brand Partner family is a real privilege,” says Donna Chan, Regenerative Transformation Manager at The New Zealand Merino Company. “Their commitment to natural, ethical and sustainable performance aligns perfectly with the ZQ values, they are a natural fit.”

ZQ growers are held to the highest standards of animal welfare. ZQ merino sheep graze on extensive pastures in free range farming conditions in the high country hills of New Zealand, where they have consistent access to clean water, good nutrition, adequate shade, and shelter. Free to live natural and healthy lives, ZQ sheep are never subjected to the painful practice of mulesing.

ZQ farms are also held to the strictest standards of environmental sustainability. Thanks to ZQ’s unique contract model, all ZQ wool can be traced directly back to the original growers, all of whom are required to create a customized land environmental plan. This model also ensures all ZQ growers work in safe and healthy conditions, earn fair wages and experience income stability.

Healthy sheep means high-quality, high-performing wool that holds up under the strictest of scrutiny. BRANWYN’s line of merino wool performance underwear, bras, and bralettes are breathable, moisture wicking, odor resistant, and temperature regulating, for Innerwear that keeps customers dry, comfortable, and funk-free, without sacrificing the planet.

To learn more about BRANWYN and its line of Merino wool-based Innerwear, visit branwyn.com or follow @branwynofficial. For media inquiries, please contact ashleigh@darbycommunications.com.


BRANWYN provides natural, ethical, sustainable and technology-driven performance Innerwear for the active woman. Their breakthrough products are constructed using Italian technology seamless knitting machines and fabricated using German thermal yarn technology. BRANWYN transforms organic and ethical Merino wool fibers into underwear that meets the demands of female athletes and active women on-the-go, supporting them with the confidence they deserve. For more information, visit branwyn.com.

About The New Zealand Merino Company

The New Zealand Merino Company (NZM) is an integrated sales, marketing, and innovation company focused on redesigning the wool industry and complementary areas of New Zealand’s primary industries.

Established by NZM in 2006, the ZQ programme sets our minimum standards for our growers. Formed to differentiate and innovate, ZQ partners with the best growers and international brands, who share the same values when it comes to the land, the people and the animals. ZQ stands for quality, sustainability and connection, from the grower through to the consumer.

In 2020, NZM launched ZQRX, a regenerative agriculture platform. ZQRX looks at the qualities of a ZQ-certified property and highlights practices that go above and beyond the ZQ audit system. ZQRX takes a holistic approach to regenerative agriculture and encompasses 15 key performance indicators across environment, animals and people. Ultimately, ZQRX is driving net-positive ecosystem impact across all aspects of the ZQRX Index. For more information, visit www.discoverzq.com or @discoverzq.

Ashleigh Sherman

Darby Communications