BUFF® Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Renewed Commitment to Sustainability

October 5, 2022

After three decades, BUFF® continues to pursue its goal of achieving maximum sustainability with the DO MORE NOW program.

Barcelona (Oct. 4, 2022) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Original Buff, S.A., a world leader in headwear and neckwear accessories for outdoor activities, celebrates 30 years of innovation this year and commits to elevating its DO MORE NOW sustainability program. With a strong commitment to people and the planet, the brand continues to put sustainability at the forefront, with a focus and dedication on social and environmental initiatives to generate a positive impact.

It all began with a man and his motorcycle. Joan Rojas invented BUFF®’s legendary seamless tubular as a protective solution to the sun, wind, and cold while touring the country roads of Barcelona on his motorcycle. A year later he found the perfect solution when he invented the seamless microfiber tube. As product popularity grew, he started thinking about creating a company, and in 1992, he founded BUFF®. Joan’s clever idea pioneered a category making BUFF® a household name and constant, reliable companion among outdoor lovers worldwide.

“Reflecting on the past 30 years, I am proud of our organization’s ability to grow while staying committed to choosing the responsible path—one of our proudest achievements being our ability to produce products in-house using 100% renewable energy,” said David Camps, BUFF® CEO, who has been with the company for more than 20 years. “Our in-house facility also allows greater control over environmental and social standards when manufacturing our products. Both causes are near and dear to our hearts.”

Under the DO MORE NOW sustainability program, BUFF® has accomplished several milestones and achievements to-date:

  • 90-percent of all manufacturing happens in-house in the Barcelona factory, allowing for increased control over quality, environment, and social standards.
  • The BUFF® in-house factory and headquarters is powered by 100-percent renewable energy.
  • 79-percent of sales in 2021/22 came from responsible materials, including recycled and natural materials.
  • By the end of 2021, the brand has recycled over 33 million bottles to make its products as sustainable as possible.

Looking ahead, BUFF® is working to earn its B Corp stamp in the near future, a certification that demonstrates high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and responsibility of the companies to which it is granted. Additionally, BUFF® is committed to being carbon neutral in its own operations by 2023.

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About BUFF®

Founded in 1991, BUFF® is the original multifunctional headwear brand, having premiered and innovated the tubular headwear category. Partnering with superior manufacturers of raw materials and incorporating state-of-the-art fabric technologies such as HeiQ, Polygiene®, Primaloft and 100 percent Merino wool, BUFF® has built a world-renowned lifestyle brand recognized by athletes and outdoor enthusiasts for its quality, craftsmanship, and customizable design and style options. BUFF® products are sold in more than 70 countries across the globe and top outdoor sporting retailers across the U.S.