Building on Success, Outdoor Research, Oboz, Osprey, and 52 Hike Challenge Launch Second Year of Over 50 Outside

October 11, 2022

Following a successful first year, the outdoor brands launch a second year and a new 52 hike challenge for women over 50

SEATTLE (Oct. 11, 2022) — Over 50 Outside, a program created by Outdoor Research, Oboz, and Osprey in collaboration with 52 Hike Challenge and In Solidarity is pleased to announce the launch of its second annual program. Over 50 Outside was launched last year to inspire women over the age of 50 to take to the trails and build their health, fitness, confidence, and well-being.

“We opened enrollment with 150 spots in August 2021, hoping we would attract enough women to participate and fill all the slots. To our delight, we had more than 2,500 women apply,” said Liz Wilson, one of the founders of the effort and Senior Vice President of Global Product Creation at Outdoor Research. “That tells us that the desire and the need is there, and we’re looking forward to continuing to increase participation, engagement and miles hiked in the second year of Over 50 Outside.”

A survey of 65 people who responded after the past year’s event found that those participants:

  • Hiked in 46 states around the U.S.
  • Hiked more than 22,331 miles.
  • Completed more than 3,707 hikes.
  • 92 percent plan to continue hiking regularly.

Most importantly, the women increased their skills and confidence. Before starting the program, 23 percent of respondents identified as beginners, 28 percent intermediates, 34 percent seasoned, and 15 percent advanced. After the challenge, 12 percent identified as intermediates, 33 percent seasoned, and 53 percent advanced.

“I loved being a part of a group that celebrates older athletes,” said participant Barbara Hoverten. “So much advertising and attention is focused on younger people but I find so many older women on the trails and I’m delighted to see our demographic highlighted.”

Another participant, Melinda Mingus, said: “While I’ve always loved hiking, the Over 50 Outside program inspired me to get outside at least once per week, no matter the weather, no matter the chaos going on in my life. Fifty-two weeks later, I feel that I am better able to cope with whatever life throws at me. I’ve been inspired by the stories and pictures from all the other participants. And, I’ve inspired many of my friends and family to get outside, with nature, on a regular basis.”

The year-long program launched in September 2021 with a virtual kick-off followed by monthly check-ins covering topics such as hiking gear for the different seasons and recreating responsibly, as well as sessions on safety, conditioning, nutrition, and more.

For more information, visit 52hikechallenge.com and follow #over50outside on social media.

About 52 Hike Challenge

The 52 Hike Challenge is a global movement empowering individuals to take a personal journey to discover the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional benefits gained through hiking once a week for a year. Thousands of people all around the world are joining in community and taking the challenge to help change their lives in a positive way, one step at a time. For more information visit www.52HikeChallenge.com.

About In Solidarity

In Solidarity Project – Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge works to build a better, stronger, more diverse outdoor industry. They work closely with industry partners to sign The Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge and to facilitate and lead DEI-focused consulting projects, training workshops, and speaking engagements. They focus on enhancing representation across staff and executive teams, media and marketing, and athletes/ambassadors. By building a relationship of support, empathy and understanding, versus external skepticism and internal stress, they are moving the outdoor industry towards authentic inclusion. Insolidarityproject.com.

About Outdoor Research

Since 1981, Outdoor Research has created trusted apparel, accessories, and equipment for you to thrive outside. Our award-winning outdoor gear is meticulously researched and tested for outdoor enthusiasts and military users around the globe. Grounded in our values of curiosity, passion, innovation, collaboration, and community, we strive to create space for all in the outdoors. We celebrate wins outside at every level together with our ambassadors, non-profit partners, and employees. For more information, visit www.outdoorresearch.com.

About Oboz

Founded in 2007, Oboz Footwear builds ‘True to the Trail®’ outdoor footwear inspired by the vast 18 million-acre Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem surrounding the company’s Bozeman, Montana home. This rugged wilderness inspires Oboz to build shoes and boots that deliver unmatched fit, unrivaled feel and exceptional performance on any trail, anywhere. Oboz plants a tree for every pair of shoes sold. For more information, visit https://obozfootwear.com.

About Osprey

Founded in 1974 and based in Cortez, Colorado, in the foothills of the San Juan Mountains, Osprey is an industry leader in high performing and long-lasting carry solutions including technical packs for outdoor, travel and everyday adventures.

In addition to creating top-quality packs, the Osprey team aspires to become one of the most progressive, transparent and sustainable hardgoods brands in the world. From raw materials and chemistry benchmarks to progressive factory code of conduct agreements and programs that extend a product’s end of life, Osprey is taking a holistic approach and looking at every aspect of their business to ensure they leave as little trace as possible. Osprey’s dedication to create innovative, high-performance gear with a smaller environmental footprint reflects the brand’s love of adventure, devotion to the outdoors and steadfast resolve to leave the world better than they found it.

To learn more about Osprey and its products backed by their industry leading All Mighty Guarantee, visit osprey.com. Osprey products can be found online at osprey.com and in specialty retailers in over 60 countries worldwide. Follow all brand updates on Instagram (@ospreypacks), Facebook (@ospreypacks) and Twitter (@ospreypacks).



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