Can’d Aid Continues the Crush it Crusade, Focusing On New Recycling Programs, As Well As Nationwide Education On the Recycling Benefits of Aluminum

August 13, 2020

As society has never been more vulnerable, and single-use item mandates are made to curtail COVID-19, Can’d Aid and Ball Foundation remind our communities to recycle and be aware of the immense benefits of aluminum over plastic use.

Longmont, CO (8/13/2020) — Can’d Aid, a Colorado-based nonprofit focused on people powered do-goodery, is building a coalition of Crush it Crusaders who are leading recycling efforts in their communities. Thanks to a long standing partnership with Ball Foundation, Can’d Aid has used their grassroots appeal to educate and help change consumer behavior around recycling.

Can’d Aid has successfully launched over 73 recycling programs nationwide and has helped recycle the equivalent of over 75 million cans. By launching local recycling programs and educating folks on the importance of infinitely recyclable aluminum, Can’d Aid is working hard to change consumer behaviors and eliminate plastic from landfills.

“Aluminum is infinitely recyclable. In just 60 days, aluminum cans are consumed, recycled and back on the shelf again,” says Sarah Leavitt, Director of Operations + Programs at Can’d Aid. “Our Crush it Crusade programs work with individual organizations, municipalities and businesses to implement self-sufficient and sustainable recycling programs.”

Watch Can’d Aid’s New Videos Showcasing Aluminum’s Recycling Capabilities:

How does the Crush it Crusade work?

  • Provides Recycling Bins: Each organization’s needs vary! From single-stream waste stations for events to permanent outdoor recycling receptacles, Can’d Aid provides the bins to help get you started.
  • Training: Each organization receives training from Eco-Cycle on waste diversion and how to manage a sustainable recycling program.
  • Funds: Can’d Aid kick starts each Crush it Crusade program with the funds they need to get a recycling program off the ground in their towns and communities.
  • Advocacy: Each partner is provided with a toolkit to help educate consumers on the benefits of infinitely recyclable aluminum.

2020 Grantees, So Far, Include: Ankhlave Arts Alliance, Grounds Krewe NOLA, Inc.,  City of Missoula, Davidson River School, City of Eaton Rapids, Gullah Geechee Initiative Foundation, Second Ward Community Initiative, City of Wheat Ridge, Keep Alachua County Beautiful, Clayton County and Friends of the Otisville School.

For example, Ankhlave Arts Alliance proposed an Art Residency for Black, Indigenous and People of Color, in collaboration with a community garden in Brooklyn — for artists whose work deals with the assemblage or reuse of recycled materials, with each facilitating a recycle art materials workshop.

Interested in getting a program going near you? Apply for a Crush it Crusade Grant here: https://candaid.org/crush-it-crusade/

 CONTACT:  Diana Ralston, Can’d Aid Executive Director  |  diana@candaid.org |  970-275-5156

Amanda Goad, PR  |  PR@candaid.org  |  970-403-4101

 About Can’d Aid

Can’d Aid spreads people powered do-goodery through Towns, Tunes, Treads & Trails and Love Yur Mama efforts nationwide. Core programs develop healthy and whole humans capable and inspired to nurture a healthy and whole planet. Since its inception in 2013, more than 1.7 million cans of water have been shipped post-disaster, over 4,600 bikes and skateboards have been built for underserved youth, 2,100 instruments have been donated and the equivalent of 72 million cans recycled. To donate, join the do-goodery or find out more, please visit candaid.org.