Caterpy Laces Secures SIMBOL Communications as PR Agency of Record

March 12, 2024

Pioneering shoelace/elastics brand, already renowned in running industry, hopes to grow awareness in outdoor, lifestyle and fashion for unique, self-locking, no-tie laces and more

Orlando, Florida (March 12, 2024)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Caterpy Group Inc., the pioneering brand already well known in the running world for its unique, patented no-tie elastic laces – which convert any laceable shoe into a step-in, no-tie shoe, while also improving lacing security, blood flow and overall comfort – has chosen SIMBOL Communications as its North American Agency of Record (AOR) for media and public relations to broaden the brand’s client base in and out of the running industry.

Their combined efforts will aim to grow that renown in the running world and spread the word across a wide variety of other industries including general outdoor, active lifestyle, senior living and even fashion. With 50 years combined experience in these verticals, SIMBOL will help spread the word about Caterpy’s patented technology across the broadest array possible of relevant media and influencers in all of these fields.

What sets the brand’s laces apart from anyone else in the industry, is the laces’ ability to lock in place without any additional hardware, thanks to small ‘bumps’ woven into the nylon/elastic material, either throughout the lace or strategically placed in specific sections. The bumps are small and flexible enough to be pulled through shoe eyelets; once installed and adjusted, however, they stay put, while stretching just enough to allow for normal blood circulation and foot swelling, while minimizing pinch points and other common issues.

“Our lace technology is unlike anything else on the market, and the products have become quite popular especially in running circles,” says CEO Anthony Pong. “We’re confident that, with SIMBOL’s help, we can build on that momentum among runners while also growing brand awareness and sales considerably among the general public. Caterpy laces work great for almost any purpose and type of shoe, and we know they’ll be popular well outside the running industry if we can just get that message out to the masses: We feel SIMBOL has the tools and network to help accomplish this, and we’re excited to see where we can take this together!”

Caterpy offers two different types of laces at this point, and they are working on others for the near future. Unlike traditional laces, whether elastic or static, in which the lacing evens itself out during activity, the Caterpy Run No-Tie Laces feature bumps throughout, allowing the user to tighten/loosen the lacing according to different areas of the foot, and that adjustment won’t change over the course of the activity. The Air No-Tie Laces, on the other hand, have bumps only at the ends. While generally an aesthetic feature – for users who want the ease of entry and comfort of Caterpy laces, but don’t want the bumps all the way down the shoe – these still offer a stay-put, no-tie closure across the top of the instep.

SIMBOL Co-Founder Scott Boulbol is not just their PR guy; he’s also a big fan of the brand. “As a longtime runner and former running journalist/gear reviewer, I’ve tried a huge variety of products,” he says. “and Caterpy’s laces are absolutely one of the standout products. They make a truly noticeable difference in any shoes, which make them a no-brainer, especially considering how simple and inexpensive they are. We can’t wait to help spread the Caterpy buzz and make a lot of feet much happier.”

For more product/brand info: website: https://caterpy.us/. Instagram: @Caterpy;

For media inquiries contact Scott Boulbol: scott@simbolpr.com; or Nic Sims: nic@simbolpr.com

About Caterpy: Caterpy was founded and patented by a Japanese marathoner intent on improving shoe fit and function for his running shoes. Our patented bump and elastic technology allows personalized tension on each row providing ultimate comfort across the entire shoe. While originally designed with runners in mind, our products bring comfort and versatility to any laced shoes. Along with our signature no-tie shoelaces we also offer elastic hair ties, eyewear straps and more. Experience Caterpy: the perfect blend of style and performance.

About SIMBOL Communications: SIMBOL Communications formed to help brands tell truthful, authentic stories in the outdoor, cycling, and fitness industries, through exposure in a wide variety of media outlets, developing creative content and sports marketing services. With their multiple decades of relevant experience — as both industry professionals and competitive enthusiasts — the founders of SIMBOL have all the tools to get powerful stories to the right audience.