Clo® Insulation Launches Its Celebrated Vivo Product Line to the North American Outdoor Market

March 20, 2018

For Immediate Release

NORWICH, England (March 2018) – Clo Insulation, the developers of highly breathable insulation for performance wear, has launched its renowned Vivo products for the North American market. Showcasing at the Meteorite Winter Adventure Camp held in late January in Boulder, Colorado, Vivo garnered the attention of notable media outlets and leading outdoor apparel manufacturers.

“We’ve heard from many publications and distinguished apparel brands that they’ve yet to see anything as breathable, warm, or comfortable as Vivo,” said Toby Harvey, Head of Global Sales at Clo Insulation. “And we’re receiving a lot of interest from outdoor brands, largely due to Vivo’s unique, unrivaled design.”

Vivo is designed as an ultra-lightweight insulation with specialized apertures. The strategically placed holes trap warm air while also allowing moisture to move away from the body quickly. In fact, lab testing has proven Vivo can increase breathability by up to 30% without affecting thermal performance, which in turn enhances warmth and comfort.

“Vivo’s innovative design is important for what we call the ‘Paradox of Warmth,’” said Harvey. “Poor insulation can actually leave you cold. For instance, when you go skiing or hiking, you’re exerting a lot of energy and therefore sweating, but if your jacket can’t breathe, the sweat lingers along your skin. And because it can’t escape, it ultimately cools, making you cold as well, thereby affecting your performance, comfort, and, frankly, your personal safety.”

Vivo is already the staple insulation for leading European sportswear and couture brands. Now, given Vivo’s showing at the Meteorite Winter Adventure Camp, many well-known North American apparel brands have begun to express their desire to employ Vivo in their upcoming garments.

Today, outdoor apparel and sportswear manufacturers can choose from three Vivo products:

  • Vivo Eco—made with 90% recycled fibers, its flexible yet stable structure provides excellent comfort.
  • Vivo Teknica—provides the perfect balance between breathability and warmth plus an edge in performance.
  • Vivo Veluti—delivers a luxury feel while also being super breathable and lightweight.

Vivo has won numerous textile innovation awards, including multiple ISPO Textrends Top 10 honors. Clo Insulation is slated to unveil more Vivo products and innovations throughout 2018 and 2019.


About Clo® Insulation

Clo Insulation is the designer and developer of Vivo, a revolutionary thermal insulation that’s proven to increase breathability by up to 30%. Apertures set in Vivo’s unique design allow moisture to move away from the body unimpeded while simultaneously trapping air, thereby enhancing warmth and comfort. Today, the product range includes Vivo Eco, Vivo Teknica, and Vivo Veluti. The recipient of numerous textile innovation awards, Vivo is quickly becoming the go-to insulation for apparel from leading fashion, lifestyle, and outdoor brands. For sales and product information, please visit cloinsulation.com.

Tony Valtos
Clove Hitch Marketing