Combat the higher cost of camping

April 6, 2021

Inflation in the campground

Inflation? What’s that? The Federal Reserve says inflation is under control.  Oh yea? …… Wind Tamer Camp Stove Companion helps control costs in the great outdoors with ingenuity, quality and value.

Quoting an email from YKK-Tape Craft, I received March 17, this year:  “Because of rising raw material cost, freight, cardboard, etc. we are having to increase prices.  We will be implementing a 5% on all materials and 7% on all Mil-Spec items. Effective April 1st.”

Another of my long term suppliers, Mississippi Polymers, can’t produce essential fabrics for my recreational vehicle accessory line because their suppliers suffer from a shortage of raw material to make polymers.  So, up goes the price.

Shipping rates are rising faster than Tesla stock.

Average fuel costs in California will exceed $4.00 per gallon at the discount stations when the “summer blend” kicks us in the wallet very soon.  Yeah, RV sales are through the roof, they say, but at 10 mpg for motorhomes and for vehicles pulling trailers, RV campers aren’t going very far or as often.  No matter where we are, we still gotta eat and that bad habit costs more every day, too.

Setting a price, and sticking to that price with a newly introduced product is tough under the current “inflation is under control” malarky declared by the those experts that supposedly know about such stuff. Manufacturers and the retailers need to make a dime, and the outdoorswoman needs to feel like she got a fair deal.

Wind Tamer Camp Stove Companion helps keep the cost of camping down by reducing the amount of fuel needed to prepare nutritious meals in the campground, whether by car camping or backpacking.  For the retailer, we are mitigating costs by eliminating the need to stock WindTamerCSC.com products.  Web store sales are drop shipped from our factory to the customer eliminating upfront expenses, maybe double shipping, and that saves money for everyone.

Sample Wind Tamer Amigos, for the backpacking adventurists are available to qualified retailers and writers. Contact info@WindTamerCSC.com to get yours.