Cotopaxi is Climate Neutral Certified for the Second Year in a Row

April 21, 2022

Cotopaxi Celebrates Earth Day By Recommitting to Carbon Neutrality

Salt Lake City, UT, (April 21nd, 2022)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – For the second year in a row, B Corp and mission driven brand, Cotopaxi is proud to announce its Climate Neutral certification.  Climate Neutral is an independent and rigorous certification program that verifies a company has achieved net-zero carbon emissions for the entirety of its carbon footprint.

Climate Neutral, a non-profit organization, provides the Climate Neutral Certified label for companies that meet its rigorous standards. The organization has a three step process for certification;  Measure, Offset, and Reduce. Measuring carbon emissions across every aspect of the business, Cotopaxi’s total carbon footprint is 13,859 tCO2e (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent) and as part of its carbon neutrality plan, Cotopaxi offsets through carbon credits, and   is committed to reducing that carbon footprint by eliminating single use plastics and using 100% non-virgin and responsible materials in their manufacturing.

“Cotopaxi was founded with the underlying  mission to fight extreme poverty,  and we recognize the leading role climate change plays in economic inequality,” said Annie Agle, Cotopaxi’s Senior Director of Impact and Sustainability.  “As an outdoor brand, we strive to be as eco-conscious as possible and continue to support and protect our environment. Climate Neutral has helped us measure and  take responsibility for the entirety of our footprint so we can continue to reduce our impacts and drive economic change through our offset programs.”

Climate Neutral’s certification is based on internationally recognized standards for carbon measurement, neutrality, and offsetting. Each brand must measure Scope 1, 2, and 3 cradle-to-customer greenhouse gas emissions for the prior calendar year. Subsequently, a brand or organization must buy verified carbon credits to offset its entire footprint. This directs investment into critical carbon sequestration projects such as forest conservation, renewable energy, and carbon capture technologies. Finally, brands commit to a reduction action plan to cut future emissions within a 12-24 month timeline, reporting progress on those plans annually. All of the brand’s data is publicly available on Climate Neutral’s website. The process is repeated annually when companies must recertify.

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Cotopaxi Press Contact: Erin Wyer | | 612.747.1314

About Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi is a carbon-neutral outdoor gear brand founded to create sustainably designed products that fight extreme poverty, inspire adventure, and move people to do good. As a certified B Corporation, we believe in using the power of business as a force for social, environmental, and economic good. Our creed, Gear for Good, touches every aspect of our company. Cotopaxi is committed to making all of our gear using repurposed, recycled, or responsible materials by 2025. We allocate 1% of our annual revenue to the Cotopaxi Foundation which awards grants to outstanding nonprofit partners carefully selected for their track records at improving the human condition and alleviating poverty. In 2021, we aided over 1 million people in extreme poverty through targeted grants to outstanding organizations with proven methodologies. For more information please visit

About Climate Neutral

Climate Neutral is a nonprofit organization working with brands and consumers to decrease global greenhouse gas emissions. The label “Climate Neutral Certified” is the universal standard in carbon neutrality. It is a marker for brands that measure, offset, and reduce their entire carbon footprint, making it easy for consumers to shop with concern for the global climate. To learn more, visit