Cycling Brands Velocio and Bivo Collaborate on a Special Edition Stainless-Steel Water Bottle to Support 1% for the Planet

February 7, 2023

Stripped to the essentials, the raw bottle minimizes extra materials, finishes, and colors in favor of a laser-etched pattern that brings the intent of the collaboration all the way through the design.

Londonderry, NH & Richmond, VT (February 6, 2023)—Velocio and Bivo are proud to announce the release of a special edition stainless-steel performance water bottle, of which all proceeds will be donated to 1% for the Planet.

The bottle launched this week, and it is available for sale on Velocio’s and Bivo’s websites.

“There’s no silver bullet to the climate crisis. Marginal gains we’ve made include our biodegradable packaging, recycled and biodegradable sourcing for our clothing, socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing—the list goes on,” says Velocio cofounder Brad Sheehan. “Working with Bivo to reduce plastic waste and support 1% for the Planet is one more step in the right direction.”

Of the outdoor sports, cycling is late to the party with a cultural ethic of sustainability and social responsibility. When Velocio started, a closer connection to terra firma was but one of the brand’s founding principles. They considered the effect of their products and took inspiration from brands that sought to do as little harm as possible.

Likewise, Bivo began with a vision to provide a better and cleaner drinking option for cyclists. The founders, Carina Hamel and Robby Ringer, had eliminated plastic drinkware from every part of their lives except cycling where no viable alternatives existed. Bivo became their solution.

Both brands are excited to see change happening in cycling and are proud to be at the vanguard of that change. As members of 1% for the Planet, they pledge annually 1% of their sales to causes that support the environment as part of their promises to keep doing this work in the future. This bottle collaboration to support 1% for the Planet pushes that mission even further.

“Philanthropic giving has been a part of Bivo’s DNA since we created the brand,” says Hamel. “Beginning on day one we’ve allocated 1% of our sales each year to what we call the Bivo Fund. At the end of the year that money is distributed to non-profit partners. Joining 1% for the Planet, and partnering with Velocio on this bottle, is a perfect extension of that program.”

This bottle, like all of Bivo’s, was developed with input from a former NASA engineer and features a unique flow system that allows users to empty the contents faster than a traditional plastic water bottle. Since the vessel is made from stainless steel it is mold resistant, offers a cleaner taste, and is free from any of the chemicals found in plastic bottles.

Stripped to the essentials, the raw bottle minimizes extra materials, finishes, and colors in favor of a laser-etched pattern that brings the intent of the collaboration all the way through the design. The 100 percent recyclable stainless-steel bottle has a 21-ounce capacity, fits standard bottle cages, and includes two low-profile screws to better protect the bottle finish. It has a BPA-free polypropylene lid and food-grade silicone components.

For more information visit velocio.cc, drinkbivo.com or contact Hayden Carpenter at hc@pressforwardpr.com.

About Velocio

Velocio began because they believed there was a better way to create, market and celebrate cycling and cycling apparel. Launching with a women’s collection in 2014, they have been driven by three pillars: design, responsibility, and culture. That there is a better way to make kit, ride, work and design is the thread running through Velocio. It’s what makes them unique and what drives them to find products, people and events that highlight a better riding experience.

About Bivo

Bivo launched their signature product, the Bivo One in late 2020, followed by the Duo in 2021, and the insulated Trio in 2022. All of Bivo’s products are certified carbon neutral, and 1% of each sale is allocated to the Bivo Fund, where the money is dispersed yearly to non-profit organizations working on cycling, water, and climate change issues.

About 1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet represents a global network of businesses, individuals and environmental organizations tackling our planet’s most pressing environmental issues. They are a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual memberships and everyday actions.


Hayden Carpenter