Dave and Matt Vans Partners With Kift on Mission to Make Van Life More Accessible

December 15, 2022

Together, the companies further strengthen their commitments to expanding the van life community

GYPSUM, COLO. and SAN FRANCISCO Dec. 15, 2022 /ENDIRANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Dave & Matt Vans – the direct-to-consumer van manufacturer that builds, sells and rents ‘Lifestyle Vehicles’ featuring “everything you need and nothing you don’t” – has partnered with Kift – creators of inclusive community hubs for digital nomads, van lifers and those seeking alternative lifestyles –  to collaborate in the companies’ respective missions to make van life more accessible, inclusive and community-centric.

Through the partnership, the two companies will deliver mutual benefits to their respective owners and members that make it easier to test out and pursue van life, whether temporarily or full-time – collectively providing better access to vans at affordable price points, and safe infrastructure and built-in community for alternative living.

Among those benefits, Kift members will receive priority access to purchases and rentals of Dave & Matt Vans’ Lifestyle Vehicles, as well as a 20% discount on all Dave & Matt Vans rentals. Meanwhile, Dave & Matt Vans customers will receive three complimentary nights at any Kift property, followed by an additional free month if they choose to continue with a membership plan. They’ll also receive express access to the Kift network.

With four distinct properties across the western United States, Kift creates accessible, community-owned spaces for people who choose to live communally and work from anywhere. Their membership offerings range from 30-day ‘punch pack’ passes, to 3-month passes, to annual memberships.

Dave & Matt Vans offers some of the most affordable and capable campervans on the market, with direct-to-consumer convenience. The company’s all-new lineup of 2023 Lifestyle Vehicles includes four different customizable models, with financing options as low as $600 per month.

“At Dave & Matt Vans, we’re all about meeting people where they’re at, to help get more folks out on the road and make their van life dreams more attainable, whatever that looks like for them,” said Matt Felser, Co-Founder of Dave & Matt Vans. “We can’t think of a more fitting partner for this work than Kift, whose mission pairs so naturally with ours. While we provide the Lifestyle Vehicles, Kift provides the ‘roadmap’ and amenities – together giving people the tools and community they need to make van life sustainable for the long term.”

“With Kift, we take all the benefits of vanlife – the mobility, autonomy, and freedom – and combine them with the traditional amenities of urban areas – like WiFi, communal meals, and hot showers – to provide a truly viable alternative lifestyle that could replace daily living, alongside a sense of community and belonging,” said Cam Lindsay, Director of Member Experience & Partnerships. “Collaborating with Dave & Matt Vans will ensure our members have access to affordable vehicles that will unlock a world of possibilities when combined with our vibrant community.”

About Dave & Matt Vans

Dave & Matt Vans is a direct-to-consumer RV manufacturer based in Gypsum, Colorado that builds, sells and rents ‘Lifestyle Vehicles’ featuring everything you need and nothing you don’t. Dave & Matt Vans’ vehicles are designed for everything from weekend adventures to long-term travel, remote work, and even as an alternative housing option for full-time living. Built around a mission to make van life accessible to everyone, Dave & Matt Vans offers some of the most affordable campervans on the market. Since its inception in 2019, the company has produced close to 500 vans and employs nearly 40 full-time team members. For more information, visit dmvans.com or @daveandmattvans on Instagram.

About Kift

Kift creates inclusive community hubs for digital nomads, vanlifers, and those seeking alternative lifestyles. We collectively fund the development of physical spaces to make it possible for those living life on the road to gather, converse, work, cook, adventure, and grow together. If you’re seeking a community that’s building an alternative to city life that prioritizes sustainability, nature, and mobile living, check out our website or Instagram to learn more.