Diamondback Sponsored “Berm Park” Mountain Bike Park Envisioned by Seth Alvo Set To Open On April 23, 2022

April 19, 2022

Envisioned by Diamondback Athlete Seth Alvo, the new mountain bike park will host a freely accessible network of trails for the Canton, NC Cycling Community

KENT, Wash., (April 19, 2022) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – A long time supporter of Seth Alvo, the creator behind @sethsbikehacks, and his pursuits both on and off the bike, Diamondback is excited to announce the forthcoming grand opening of Alvo’s newest creation, Berm Park mountain bike park in Canton, N.C.. Diamondback has been an avid supporter of Berm Park from day one, and sponsored the creation of the main blue trail “On the Fly”. There are three large berms towards the middle of the run called Hook, Line and Sync’r, named after some of Diamondback’s best-selling mountain bikes.

Berm Park is a creation that began with Alvo’s own vision, inspired by the needs of his local riding community, and was then designed and built by Elevated Trail Design, LLC. The land where the park is built was slated for a NASCAR training facility or rock quarry, but was left unfinished when those plans didn’t pan out. The Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservation bought the land back and gifted it to the town of Canton with the caveat that it must be used for outdoor recreation. The goal of Berm Park is to provide a space for locals and visitors alike to enjoy both nature and to encourage sustainable and responsible recreation. The park will be free to the public.

“I’m incredibly thankful to our donors from all over the world who have all helped one town in Western North Carolina build a truly amazing community asset.” Alvo said. “Millions around the world got to watch Berm Park take shape on YouTube, and now it’s a case study that anyone can use for similar projects in their respective areas.”

Berm Park’s construction was well documented through Alvo’s youtube channels, Berm Peak and Berm Peak Express. Included in the park’s many features and highlights are bike repair stations at the bases of trails, and a collection of bespoke features designed and constructed by Alvo and his team. Many of these features are part of Berm Park’s crown jewel, Clickbait,  Its longest and most advanced trail, which dovetails to access the park’s only double black diamond. Less advanced and more leisure-focused members of the riding community will also have a number of beginner and intermediate options for honing one’s skills.

All Berm Park trails were curated sustainably,  keeping the natural vegetation and watershed protected throughout the process. It is a single use, one direction park with a stacked loop system for safety and ease in choosing a route.

For more info on Diamondback and Alvo, please visit  For more information on Berm Park, see Alvo’s Youtube channel, Berm Peak.

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