Dive Into the Heart of Wing Shooting with Season Two of “Wild Upland” on Outdoor Channel This April

February 23, 2024

GUN DOG Production Features Heart-pounding Upland Adventures Behind Hard-Charging Bird Dogs

DENVER (February 23, 2024)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – GUN DOG magazine and Outdoor Channel announce the premiere of season two of Wild Upland on April 2 at 6:30 p.m. ET. Following the acclaimed first season, host Kali Parmley, returns with her trusty bird dogs, Lincoln and Jones, for more heart-pounding adventures across North America. From the mesquite prairies of Texas to the lush lands of Oregon, this season promises more thrills, more breathtaking scenery, and exceptional dog work that will captivate viewers.

Hosted by Kali Parmley, Editor-in-Chief and Associate Publisher of GUN DOG magazine, and Associate Editor Nathan Ratchford, Wild Upland takes viewers on journeys through America’s untamed landscapes in pursuit of wild birds.

This season, Parmley embarks on a personal journey to hunt her first sage grouse, revealing the emotional voyage of hunter and dog alike. In the premiere episode, viewers will witness young setter Jones showcase his growing skills as a bird dog, culminating in a shared victory with Parmley as they both achieve a milestone with the bagging of their first sage grouse.

Parmley’s passion for upland hunting and her companions resonates deeply with viewers. She states, “The hunt for wild birds takes you to untouched landscapes in far off places. Any state that I am hunting behind my dogs is my favorite place.” This simple sentiment captures the essence of Wild Upland, which is much more than a hunting show—it’s an exploration of the bond between hunter and dog and the exhilarating challenge of working as one in pursuit of wild upland game.

Wild Upland is an aspirational production dedicated to wing shooting adventure and the gun dogs that sustain the action. Blended with applicable dog training tactics, lessons in canine health and hunting how-to, viewers will gain knowledge on how to employ these tips to their own legend-worthy pursuits.

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