Eco-Conscious Video Production Company, Talus Films, Announces Video Services for Outdoor Brands

February 28, 2022

Outdoor companies can now reach their audiences through authentic, story-based video while giving back to the world around them

Chicago, IL (February 28, 2022) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Talus Films, an eco-conscious video production company, is now offering its full-service capabilities to the outdoor industry. Talus Films produces story-based marketing videos that authentically connect outdoor brands to their target audiences while giving back to the world around them through a commitment to sustainable production practices and tree planting.

Talus Films co-founders, Madelaine Anderson and Jordan Graves, are adventurers at heart. They’ve been outdoor lovers since childhood and believe in making the outdoors accessible for all, recreating responsibly, and protecting the natural world. They’re also visual storytellers with over 16 years of combined filmmaking and producing experience. This makes Talus Films uniquely poised to offer their services and partner with outdoor brands.

“Sustainability in video production is often overlooked,” said Jordan Graves, head of production at Talus Films. “But we’ve made it a fundamental part of our process. We reduce our waste while on set, reuse and recycle, hire local, and plant trees with a reforestation partner with over 700 trees planted thus far.”

“Starting to offer our services to the outdoor industry just made sense,” said Talus creative director, Madelaine Anderson. “We have the same set of shared beliefs and values. And we’ve seen a big push in the industry lately to connect through real-life stories with products playing supporting roles. This is the type of visual work we’re so passionate about creating because we know it makes a difference.”

Talus Films has a full suite of capabilities and partners with brands every step of the way through the production process from initial concept ideation to final project delivery. You can learn more about their new service offerings for outdoor brands at http://www.talusfilms.com/outdoorbrands.


About Talus Films, LLC

Talus Films was founded in 2019 by Madelaine Anderson and Jordan Graves who have 16 combined years of filmmaking and producing experience. Talus is headquartered in both Chicago, IL and Fort Collins, CO, and its creative teams travel across the country to produce video content. The team is passionate about protecting the natural world through sustainable production processes and tree planting, responsibly recreating outdoors, and inspiring action through authentic, story-based marketing videos. For more information, go to http://www.talusfilms.com or follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

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