FeatherSnap Selects Darby Communications as PR Agency of Record

May 15, 2024

Strategic partnership will bring smart bird feeder brand to new heights

Caledonia, MN – May 15, 2024 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – FeatherSnap, a brand dedicated to revolutionizing the world of birdwatching through Wi-Fi-enabled smart bird feeders, proudly announces its partnership with Darby Communications, a PR and digital marketing agency specializing in the outdoor, active lifestyle, and hunt/fish markets. Effective immediately, Darby Communications will serve as FeatherSnap’s PR agency of record, amplifying product and brand awareness through targeted media relations.

Launching on June 1, FeatherSnap offers smart bird feeders that bring the wonder of nature to your fingertips. By combining exceptional camera and app technology with a design philosophy rooted in simplicity, FeatherSnap creates an extraordinary birdwatching experience that anyone can enjoy. FeatherSnap’s flagship smart feeder, the Scout, offers a high-definition glimpse into the world of birds through four megapixel photos, 1080p video, and a state-of-the-art mobile app created in partnership with the brand’s in-house ornithologist.

As FeatherSnap’s PR partner, Darby Communications will leverage its robust media network and extensive expertise to heighten awareness around the brand’s launch and new products through media relations and curated events.

“We are so excited to partner with Darby Communications to spread the word about FeatherSnap,” says Abigail Knox, FeatherSnap’s Director of Brand Management. “Their deep connections with the media, experience in creating unique and memorable events, and passion for all things outdoors, including birds, makes them the perfect partner to help us make a big splash right out of the gate.”

“As avid backyard birdwatchers, our team is soaring high over this partnership with FeatherSnap,” states Angie Robinson, President of Darby Communications. “We can’t wait to share more about how FeatherSnap’s smart bird feeders combine high-quality innovation with the joy of birding to allow any level of birdwatcher the opportunity to participate and connect with the great outdoors.”

For more information about FeatherSnap, go to www.feathersnapcam.com or contact Suzanne Hermann at suzanne@darbycommunications.com.

About FeatherSnap

FeatherSnap revolutionizes birdwatching, seamlessly connecting users to nature through Wi-Fi-enabled smart bird feeders. As leaders in the camera industry, we deliver unrivaled quality and user-friendly experiences. Simplicity is at the core of our design philosophy, making our feeders easy to use, maintain, and pair with no need for technical expertise. Engage effortlessly with our smart bird feeders through the FeatherSnap mobile app, featuring unique storage and identification features like Life Book, Bird Book, and expert-trained AI models. FeatherSnap offers a blend of technology and nature, creating moments of joy, excitement, and endless fascination in the world of bird-watching.

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