Fischer announces a collaboration with athlete Lynsey Dyer on a six-week health and wellness webinar series, Showing Up Workshops with Lynsey Dyer

November 2, 2020

AUBURN, NH—Fischer Sports North America announces the Nov. 9, 2020 start date of a six-week workshop with Fischer athlete Lynsey Dyer dubbed the Showing Up Workshops with Lynsey Dyer. The course is geared toward anyone looking to improve both their mental and physical states for the coming year.

A weekly 30-minute webinar hosted by Dyer—in collaboration with leading health and wellness professionals—will be available for $99 to 150 selected participants who will have the opportunity to join live workshops that will focus on gaining applied skills in mobility, recovery, nutrition and strength training.

Dyer was inspired to develop this project, in order to share the tools she applies to her life and on the slopes with others. “Since the pandemic hit, I’ve been leaning heavily on the same practices I use to hit 70-foot cliffs or make award winning films. Finding my way as a professional athlete in an obscure sport has meant taking full responsibility for my physical and mental wellbeing. I’ve had to seek out teachers and techniques off the beaten path to heal myself from injuries and accomplish things most people said was impossible.”

Dyer will be joined by mobility master Kelly Starrett, functional medicine specialist Dr. Edythe Heus, flow state guru Steven Kotler and physiologist Dr. Sarah Sarkis. Their goal is to explore how to apply a research-backed mindset, movement and nutrition practices to optimize both mental and physical states.

And for Dyer 2020 is the right time to share this knowledge with the world. “As we head into another long dark winter, less certain than the last, we could all use the outdoors and quality time with a few good teachers to help bring each of us more sovereignty over our lives and build on things we can control: ourselves,” she notes.

After the 6-week workshop, participants will be able to access and review the videos for 12 months and as a bonus, each participant will receive a free six-week Ski Conditioning Course from Targhee Athletics. Also included will be weekly podcasts and web-based workbook materials providing participants with the opportunity to carry their learning forward beyond the course and into the coming winter season.

For Dyer, the course is just the start of an ongoing journey toward a better mind/body connection. “I am hoping this is the beginning of a long-term gathering of community to be exposed to the most cutting-edge strategies for high potential and to combat the negativity we are fed in media and daily life,” she explains and continues, “I am excited to carve out this time as a group to grow and benefit by experiment with different practices of wellbeing. I hope participants will learn and then apply what works for them in their own lives to activate our best selves as a crew.”

More information on The Showing Up workshops with Lynsey Dyer can be found at showingupworkshops.com. Sign up for the course is live and will continue throughout the six-week course period.

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