FITS® Debuts New Compression Sock Series

January 9, 2018

Makers of the Best-Fitting, Best-Feeling Socks Release their First Recovery-Style Compression Series

Chattanooga, TN (Jan 9, 2018) – FITS®, maker of the best fitting performance socks in the market place, announces the debut of their new compression sock line, the brand’s first true all-day/recovery compression sock. FITS®’ new compression series is comprised of 3 over-the-calf style socks, each with varying amounts of cushion and designed using FITS®’ “Full Contact Fit” system.

FITS Cushioned Nylon, Cushioned Merino and Non-cushioned Nylon Compression Socks – MSRP: $24.99-$29.99

This graduated compression series combines FITS®’ technical advancements in sock construction with ideal compression components designed to treat and prevent a multitude of cardiovascular illnesses. FITS® collaborated with Board Certified Interventional Cardiologist Robert Yoe, M.D. to determine the appropriate compression gradients within the new compression line.

“It is imperative to combine graduated compression socks with the appropriate fit in order to adequately treat and prevent cardiovascular medical conditions,” says Robert Yoe, M.D.  “Multiple studies have shown that over 90% of compression stockings fail to produce ideal gradients, and a significant number actually produced a tourniquet effect associated with Deep Vein Thrombosis. FITS® has certainly surpassed the competition in its ability to develop a superior technical product that is focused both on results and comfort.”

Wearing graduated compression stockings daily helps to prevent and treat a wide variety of medical conditions while at the same time leaving one feeling more refreshed and better capable to perform the strenuous activities associated with the outdoor industry.

FITS® new compression series are now available online at fitssock.com and at independent specialty retailers. For more information about FITS®, please visit www.fitssock.com

About FITS®

FITS® is a premium sock brand resulting from the collaboration of third and fourth generation textile manufacturers to create the absolute best fitting socks in the marketplace. Utilizing only the best raw materials available, FITS® incorporates innovative, proprietary engineering and technology to create the most comfortable, best-fitting sock in the world.  FITS® is driven to create value for both their retail partners and consumers by delivering a superior product at a fair price that enhances personal experiences in the outdoors, at the office, or simply relaxing with friends and family. Contact FITS at 205-641-9592 or at fitssock.com