Forever Chemicals Podcast Wraps Up Final Episode

May 6, 2024

Over the course of 11 episodes, Meg Carney dove deep with experts to shed light on what PFAS are, why they’re dangerous and how we move forward without them.

[Wenachee, WA, May 6, 2024] /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – After months of interviews with experts from a broad range of backgrounds—scientists, advocacy groups, product designers, materials suppliers, remediation specialists, and lawyers, Black-Footed Ferret Productions has wrapped up Forever Chemicals, its podcast series on PFAS. Through these conversations, Meg Carney sheds lights on what PFAS are, why they’re used, their dangers, and how the outdoor industry is moving forward without them.

The comprehensive series brought the issue of PFAS (forever chemicals) to light at a time when the outdoor industry is scrambling to move forward without them. Key states, including California, Colorado, New York and Maine have current and pending regulations banning their sale, while major retailer REI is also banning the sale of products containing PFAS starting in Fall 2024.

On April 10, 2024, the EPA also announced it has established legally enforceable levels for several PFAS known to be found in drinking water. According to an EPA press release, “All public water systems have three years to complete their initial monitoring for these chemicals. They must inform the public of the level of PFAS measured in their drinking water. Where PFAS is found at levels that exceed these standards, systems must implement solutions to reduce PFAS in their drinking water within five years.”

In honor of Earth Month, Meg announced the release of a bonus episode with famed attorney, Robert Bilott. Known as the lawyer who sued chemical company DuPont for dumping PFAS-contaminated wastewater into rural West Virginia communities, Bilott discussed the current state of the PFAS crisis on a much larger scale, how he has continued to push for federal regulations, and what he thinks needs to happen for us to eliminate the use of PFAS.

When asked for a key takeaway from the dozens of interviews she’s done for this series, Meg said, “Since learning more about the extent of the PFAS problem (and other harmful chemicals) in consumer goods, as a writer who reviews a lot of outdoor products, I’ve found it necessary to integrate looking for potential harms within product supply chains BEFORE recommending those products, especially to large audiences.”

To read more about Meg’s thoughts and findings from the podcast, you can read her Op Ed in Suston Magazine.

“This a fascinating portrait of how one industry, outdoor wear, went from denial and obfuscation about their use of PFAS to championing its elimination (in some cases), and how the right types of pressure at the right time has forced meaningful action. There is much to be learned here about strategic campaigning and how brands can productively engage with scientists.” Dr. Rachael Wakefield-Rann, Institute for Sustainable Futures.

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Meg Carney is an outdoor and environmental writer turned podcaster. Shortly after writing her first book, Outdoor Minimalist: Waste Less Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking, she released the Outdoor Minimalist podcast, which has aired over 100 episodes. With various experts, Meg raises awareness through conversation, information, and mindfulness of some of the most important environmental issues of our time.

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