From Trails to Trends: The Eco-Friendly Mission of Wander Trails

January 16, 2024

A Woman-Owned Brand creating fun and sustainable Outdoor Apparel with a commitment to giving back.

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Wander Trails, a recently launched purpose-driven brand, is making waves in the realm of nature-inspired clothing and accessories. Founded with a deep commitment to environmental conservation, Wander Trails’ mission is to bring the essence of nature into everyday life, inspire adventures, and make a positive impact on our planet and its people.

As a rising star in the field of nature-focused apparel and gear, Wander Trails is a woman-owned company that offers fun, cute and unique designs inspired by the outdoors. With a primary focus on t-shirts, sweaters, crop tops, posters, and gifts themed around national parks, the company is shaping up to be a brand that cares about the environment and strives to make a positive difference.

Step into Wander Trails’ digital store, and you’ll find a thoughtfully collection of products tailored for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, campers, and those with a spirit of adventure. Each product is a reflection of the outdoors, encouraging customers to connect with and appreciate the wonders of nature.

Beyond providing unique products, Wander Trails is committed to positively impacting the planet. The company has partnered with Greenspark, a platform dedicated to supporting environmental projects. For every product sold, Wander Trails pledges to plant a tree and rescue a plastic bottle, directly participating in ecological restoration and protection efforts.

Since joining Greenspark in October 2023, the company has offset 0.165 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to 409.365 miles driven in an average car. Additionally, they’ve removed the equivalent of 6,600 straws or 825 disposable coffee cups from landfills and seas. Their tree planting initiatives have resulted in an additional 1,860m² of forest area, equivalent to 0.262 football pitches.

These initiatives underscore Wander Trails’ commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. By shopping with Wander Trails, customers receive products that inspire adventure and connection with nature and contribute to tangible, positive environmental impacts. Each purchase supports certified projects that not only plant trees, prevent or sequester carbon and plastic but also have a long-term positive social impact.

Additionally, customers can track and share the positive change they’re making, receiving updates on the projects they support and contributing further to environmental initiatives.

In a commitment to sustainability, Wander Trails ensures that every order comes with carbon-neutral shipping. The company funds innovative solutions like direct air capture, bio-oil, and mineralization, further minimizing its environmental footprint. Additionally, they utilize recycled materials for most packaging goods and are actively working towards achieving 100% sustainable materials. This initiative is part of Wander Trails’ broader strategy to promote sustainable practices and support innovations that lead to a healthier planet.

Behind Wander Trails is a team of passionate individuals who share a deep love for nature and an insatiable wanderlust. Their dedication to the outdoors is evident in the unique, high-quality products they offer, each reflecting the splendor and magnificence of nature. Wander Trails aims to be more than just a brand; it strives to inspire and motivate individuals to reconnect with nature in today’s fast-paced world.

For more information on Wander Trails and its impact, individuals can explore the official website.

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