Geartrade wins second Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award for pioneering efforts in Branded Resale

June 20, 2024

Geartrade's recovery, re-sale and reuse toolkit provides an easy and cash neutral path to achieving key circularity goals

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (JUNE 20, 2024) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Geartrade, the engine for outdoor industry recovery and resale, was honored last week as a winner of a prestigious 2024 Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award.

Chosen by an independent panel of expert judges who evaluated 137 entries to determine the 13 award winners, the Innovation Award honored Geartrade Branded Resale – a recovery, re-sale and reuse tool that is custom-designed around a brand’s specific needs, is cash neutral from day one, and requires no up-front operational investments or ongoing maintenance fees.

The honor was the second of its kind for Geartrade, which won their first Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award in 2023 for the successful launch of an individual consignment division for their online resale platform, which accelerated the growth and acceptance of resale among outdoor industry consumers.

“The big opportunity of Geartrade Branded Resale is providing both equipment and apparel companies in the outdoor industry with an easy and affordable pathway toward some key circularity goals,” said Aaron Provine, president of Geartrade. “While it’s widely known that outdoor gear and apparel is made to perform in some of the world’s most demanding conditions, what’s less discussed is how that inherent durability also makes it very difficult to recycle, which means that resale and re-use is frequently the best option for extending product life and lessening its overall carbon impact.”

Geartrade introduced Branded Resale in fall 2023 in support of DPS Skis Revive program. Hailed as an “eco-conscious program designed to breathe new life into your old skis,” the program offered the opportunity to trade-in qualifying used product for a credit towards new gear. Free shipping was provided for all incoming product, and once received, all qualified trade-in skis were evaluated with the assistance of Geartrade’s proprietary AI tools, professionally tuned using state of the art equipment, and resold through Geartrade.com and DPSRevive.com.

Because of its success in promoting and advancing specific circularity goals, the launch program was welcomed by the brand as a “win-win program that encourages sustainability” while also “making a positive impact on the skiing community and the environment.”

ABOUT GEAR TRADE: Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Geartrade (www.geartrade.com) is an award-winning innovator in outdoor industry circularity, providing passionate individuals and world-class brands with the tools, knowledge and support they need to be active participants in the growing economy of recovery, re-sale and reuse. Geartrade’s primary services include Geartrade Branded Resale Solutions and the Geartrade Consignment Marketplace.

  • Geartrade Branded Resale Solutions create custom-designed circularity-strengthening “re-commerce” services that seamlessly integrate recovery, re-use and resale programs into a brand’s existing sales universe. Geartrade Branded Resale Solutions are designed to be cash positive for brands, requiring no operational investments and providing all necessary elements from software design through warehousing and fulfillment.
  • Geartrade Consignment Marketplace is an online resale platform that is an ‘easy button’ for buyers and sellers of used gear and apparel. Winner of a 2023 Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award, the Geartrade Consignment Marketplace is built around three key elements: an intuitive online consumer experience, sophisticated shipping and logistics support, and expert human touch. Consignment sellers are welcomed with free boxes; free shipping; an in-house AI-powered concierge service that receives, evaluates, photographs and posts all products on behalf of the seller; and a broad variety of easy payment options.  Consignment buyers enjoy the outdoor industry’s broadest variety of resale gear and apparel, and an average discount of 60%.

For more information on Geartrade, please contact partnerships@geartrade.com or pr@palemorning.com.