Geartrade’s ‘UnNew November’ unleashes the deepest, greenest deals on winter gear with discounts up to 80% off

October 31, 2022

OCT 31, 2022)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ To celebrate the ongoing boom in the used gear marketplace, Geartrade ( is hosting “UnNew November” – a month-long series of special deals on previously owned, well-loved pieces of used gear and apparel.

With discounts up to 80% off a product’s original retail price, UnNew November listings on Geartrade include lightly used items being sold by individuals as well as a mix of product from brand warehouses such as sales samples, returns, cosmetic blemishes, and other not-quite-new gear.

While the main purpose of UnNew November is delivering incredible deals for outdoor consumers, it’s also a tribute to the rapidly widening audience for used gear in the outdoor industry.

“The growing appeal of used outdoor gear has definitely hit a new stage. We’ve moved past the early adopters and thrift store crowd, and are starting to draw increasing numbers of traditional, mainstream gear buyers. That’s a significant step forward in sustainable thinking for the outdoor community,” said Aaron Provine, president of Geartrade, a Carbon Neutral Certified company since 2020.

The rise in consumer acceptance of used gear is reflected in Geartrade’s recent growth curve. Year-to-date gross sales are up more than 50%, including a rise of 82% in the last three months. That sales growth is matched by a boost in listings which are up 56% since January, 90% in the last three months, and 152% in the last 30 days.

One major contributor to the recent boom of Geartrade listings is the simplicity of their consignment service which was launched in 2021. Essentially an “Easy Button” for sellers of used gear, the program includes delivery of a free postage-paid box as well as a concierge-style service that receives, evaluates, photographs and posts all product sales on behalf of the seller.

Another factor in Geartrade’s growth curve is a steadily increasing consumer preference for used gear, particularly in winter sports. A recent study from Snowsports Industries America showed that a rising number of winter consumers are seeking out used gear, and 40% of those purchasers are doing it because of the environmental benefit.

“We all know that the outdoor world has much to lose from the impacts of climate change, but as a community we’re a bit slow to recognize that a big part of our overall carbon footprint is that we’re simply using too much stuff. With UnNew November, we want to remind people in the outdoor community that ‘sustainability’ can be much more than just a marketing tag on a piece of new gear. It can be a commitment to making some personal changes as well,” said Provine.

According to an article in Bloomberg, more than 85% of new apparel ends up in a landfill within a year, including a staggering estimate of 2,000 pieces of clothing that are thrown out each second. At the same time, the carbon footprint of all that apparel accounts for 10% of all global emissions: “more than international flights and shipping combined.”

That overlap of high carbon impact on the front end and widespread wastefulness at the tail end shines a spotlight on the potential benefits of a vibrant used gear marketplace.

“With UnNew November, we want to remind people in the outdoor community that ‘sustainability’ can mean more than just a marketing tag on a piece of new gear. It can be a way of life,” added Provine.

ABOUT GEAR TRADE: Geartrade is a Climate Neutral Certified and family-owned online marketplace for UnNew outdoor gear and apparel. Founded in 1999 and relaunched in 2019, Geartrade makes it easy to buy and sell used gear, extends the life cycle of all outdoor products, and minimizes their environmental impact wherever they can. Geartrade sellers include individuals, retailers, and manufacturers; and their selling options include both self-listing as well as consignment – which includes free boxes, free shipping, and complete hassle-free posting of all items. For more information or to sell that great old backpack hanging in your garage, please visit