Granite Gear Doubles Down on Eco and Size Inclusivity Initiatives

November 1, 2023

Expanding the Mold in 2024

Two Harbors, MN —November 1, 2023 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Granite Gear, renowned makers of ultralight backpacks, organizational systems, and canoe gear, is forging ahead with its commitment to eco-conscious initiatives and size inclusivity (S.I.). New products for Spring 2024 will showcase both of these commitments to reducing the brand’s impact on nature and increasing accessibility to backpacking. In addition, the brand has announced the removal of PFAS, commonly known as “forever chemicals,” from all new production starting Fall of 2024.

“We’re taking important and necessary leaps with our 2024 product line, from both an environmental responsibility standpoint as well as tripling down on our commitment to make more size-inclusive gear. It made too much sense to combine and apply these efforts to our flagship line, the Crown Series. It starts with the Crown3 40 Eco and Crown3 60 S.I. Eco this upcoming Spring and then will continue into the entire Granite Gear line in 2025. We’re excited to be moving away from the use of PFAS, both as a company and as an industry as a whole.” says Granite Gear’s Director of Product Design, David Eisenberg.

2024 Eco Initiatives
Driven by their dedication to a more sustainable future for the outdoor industry, Granite Gear introduces their Eco lineup with the Crown3 40 Eco, Crown3 60 S.I. Eco, and Deluxe Add-On Eco Lid. Key features include: the use of Regen Robic, recycled high-tenacity nylon fabrics, alongside recycled webbings and foams for the suspension system, all of which are Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certified.

The Regen Robic fabrics used in the new 2024 line are also treated with a PFAS-Free coating, to provide water-repellency and protection from the elements without the use of “forever chemicals.”

An environmental approach has also been adopted for the polypropylene frame sheet in the Crown3 40 Eco and Crown3 60 S.I. Eco. By reusing scrap plastic that would otherwise find its way into landfills, the sheets now showcase a distinct black appearance. Leading the charge with these sustainable materials are the latest additions to the flagship collection, the Crown3 Series and the Deluxe Add-On Eco Lid.

2024 Size Inclusivity
Backpacking culture tends to be exclusive and among the ultralight sect, it gets even more so. Granite Gear takes its commitment to making the outdoors a space for every body a step further with the introduction of a Size Inclusive (S.I.) version of the Crown3 60. The Crown3 60 S.I. Eco features a wider shoulder strap location to accommodate broad and plus-size fits, as well as an option to exchange for a S.I. Re-Fit Hip Belt (36-52+ inches) at no cost to the customer. The Crown3 60 S.I. Eco is a welcome addition to the growing number of Granite Gear backpacks that fit a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts, joining the Perimeter Series and Virga3 Series.

For more information on these new developments, please email Sales Manager and Head of Marketing, Julie Bacon, at jbacon@granitegear.com.

About Granite Gear
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