Grassroots Outdoor Alliance announces exclusive partnership with NuORDER, will shift member buying to digital platform in fall 2020

August 26, 2020

The NuORDER buying platform will be available to Grassroots retailers and offered for free to vendors beginning this fall, and will bring the same level of efficiency and digital sophistication to the retail buying process that vendors have built into their selling process

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Grassroots Outdoor Alliance (www.grassrootsoutdooralliance.com), the national organization dedicated to the health and growth of independent specialty retailers, will partner with NuORDER to revolutionize the retail buying process through its collaborative digital buying platform.

The NuORDER buying platform will be available to Grassroots retailers and offered for free to vendors beginning this fall, and will bring the same level of efficiency and digital sophistication to the retail buying process that vendors have built into their selling process.

“The goal here is to directly improve the bottom-line financial health of retailers by improving their ability to visualize, budget, plan and buy from multiple brands at the same time,” said Rich Hill, President of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance. “The traditional assortment selection and merchandise buying process will be vastly improved on this platform.”

For Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, NuORDER will provide an online platform which enables buyers to visualize their assortment by any data point, providing them with broader and deeper views into what’s available and what they already have committed to, as well as establishing a common platform that allows them to more closely collaborate with the brands supplying that merchandise. The streamlined and integrated buying experience will also include centralized, digital linesheets and catalogs and the ability for collaboration in real-time between vendors and buyers.

The Grassroots Outdoor Alliance partnership with NuORDER is the latest step in the group’s ongoing campaign to invest in digital technologies that streamline the end-to-end process of wholesale buying. The NuORDER buying platform will strengthen and replace two of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance’s ongoing technology initiatives, including Grassroots ConnectHub — the free online resource center which was launched after the cancellation of spring 2020 trade shows — and their digital workbook commitment, which began taking steps in 2019 to eliminate the use of paper workbooks during the sales process.

“We are excited to partner with Grassroots and its vendors to transform the buying process and help deliver the best assortment to the customer. The partnership will be a win-win for everyone.” said Heath Wells, Co-Founder of NuORDER. “It will help drive full price sell-through, faster order turnarounds, and a collaborative digital buying and selling process.”

NuORDER (NuORDER.com) is a proven B2B eCommerce specialist with expertise in the creation of retailer-centric hubs. They currently provide similar solutions to Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Grassroots’ independent retailers will be able to utilize NuORDER’s  technology to easily identify gaps in their product assortments, as well as spotlight opportunities to spend more of their buying power on relevant new merchandise.

“Independent outdoor retailers need tools like NuORDER to help them work smarter — and harder — The potential of having a universal order writing tool helps them make better decisions, helps us be better partners with our vendors, and reduces our excess and non-functional inventory that no one wants,” added Hill.

ABOUT NUORDER: NuORDER is the leading wholesale eCommerce platform. Brands use NuORDER to deliver a seamless, more collaborative wholesale process, where buyers can browse products, plan assortments and make smarter buys in real-time. The NuORDER platform was engineered with flexibility and scale in mind processing over $36B in GMV. It empowers businesses of all sizes with enterprise-level technology. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California with offices globally; NuORDER connects more than 3,000 premium brands and 500,000 retailers, helping them grow and win together. For more information, visit: https://partnerships.nuorder.com/grassroots. For further enquiries please email: grassroots@nuorder.com

ABOUT GRASSROOTS OUTDOOR ALLIANCE:  Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is an active, independent network of 83 independent retailers, with 187 retail locations, working together for the health and growth of specialty outdoor retail. Through data collection and analysis, direct member support, specialty events and deep vendor partnerships, Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is creating both a vision and roadmap for the long-term success of independent specialty retail. Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is also recognized as a catalyst for the success of its retailers and vendor partners; an advocate for specialty independent retail; a promoter of education and community within the specialty channel; and a key influencer of the national outdoor industry. For more information on Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, please go to www.grassrootsoutdoors.com.

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