Green Guru Gets in The Frame with Upshift, Makes The Grade

March 30, 2023

Cycling frame bag puts nearly 3L capacity within easy reach

TUCSON, ARIZONA USA: Created by one of the original proponents of responsible materials reuse, INVESTMENT GRADE GEAR has recognized the Upshift Frame Bag from Green Guru with ‘Made the Grade’ status. Fitting the mantra of Know It, Trust It, Keep It. TM, this product is part of a collection under evaluation for more than 10 years.

‘This is where wise design intersects with upcycled materials to create lasting value for cyclists,’ states INVESTMENT’s founder and lead evaluator Peter Reese. ‘Green Guru deserves to occupy one or more key places on every bike, from recreational rider to commuter to bikepacker.’

Capable of readily adapting to the full range of bike styles, sizes, and rider preferences, Upshift carries 2.7L capacity in a bag weighing in at 4oz. The reliable zipper allows one-handed access when needed, with colorways reflecting the origin of each style’s fabrics; EcoPak versions are made from 100% recycled polyester fibers from plastic bottles

INVESTMENT GRADE GEAR, rooted in 50 years of adventure experience and outdoor journalism, selects individual pieces of gear for video reviews: Nothing chosen is part of a traditional gear round-up, but merits special consideration for performance, lasting value, and embracing a ‘less and better beats more’ approach to a more sustainable future.

Many of the products selected for ‘Made the Grade’ have been in evaluation for three years or more, with some receiving updates since first taken outside or on the road for extended travel. In addition, none have been sponsored by the brands, nor does INVESTMENT receive compensation for their use in the ‘Made the Grade’ initiative.

The video review, including a unique one-word summary of the GREEN GURU Upshift Frame Bag, is available HERE.


INVESTMENT GRADE GEAR is a response to ‘Best of’ gear category lists that frequently confuse or don’t provide concise, credible findings. Focused on video reviews, each Made the GradeTM selection fits the powerful mantra of Know It, Trust It, Keep It.TM, one applauded by manufacturers and industry influencers alike. Consideration of individual products is not limited to new releases, and can be suggested by reaching out to editor@investmentgradegear.com.