GU Energy Labs announces new “do good” dimension for elite athlete roster

January 31, 2023

Berkeley, Calif. (January 31, 2023)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – GU Energy Labs is excited to officially announce a new dimension to its elite athlete team for 2023. In order to more closely align its sponsored athletes with its company vision to “Do well to do good,” GU is investing in and spotlighting athletes whose commitments go beyond podiums and athletic achievements, and into purpose-work.

Yuri Hauswald, longtime manager of the company’s elite athlete team, has partnered with and supported athletes and teams involved in advocacy for years. “I’m excited to have the opportunity to shine the light on some of the amazing causes championed by this diverse group of GU athletes,” Hauswald notes. “While I have a deep respect and appreciation for their athletic accomplishments, I’m even prouder to share the good they’re doing in their respective communities and the ripples of change they’re causing. The more good that is put out into the world, the more it has a chance to grow, expand, and hopefully help others.”

To represent this new “do good” component, GU has chosen six of its elite team athletes to spotlight over the course of the year because of their involvement in community work and charitable causes. These athletes are important role models for what it means to “do well to do good,” and GU is proud to amplify and support their efforts.

The six chosen athletes include:

Jack Thompson, endurance cyclist. Jack dedicated his 2022 cycling goal – Everesting once each week –  to raising money for mental health awareness. For 2023, his focus is on spotlighting the effects of climate change, hunger and deforestation worldwide through a three-part video series.

Keely Henninger, ultrarunner. In addition to being an accomplished trail ultrarunner, Keely is a scientist who focuses her research on addressing current issues plaguing athletes. Along with her co-hosts, she communicates her findings on her podcast Trail Society, where she dives into recent running events and analyzes scientific papers and articles to provide insights and opinions that can help others in their athletic journeys.

Jah Washington, gym owner and fitness professional. The winner of the Men’s Health Next Top Trainer in 2020, Jah has received media attention not only for his innovative workouts and instruction, but also for his community impact as the owner and operator of  The Harlem Kettlebell Club. His inclusive and welcoming gym focuses on making health accessible for all.

Abi Robins, cyclist. Abi Robins is the winner of the first nonbinary category at Unbound 100 and the founder of Queer Gravel, an organization dedicated to advocating for creating safe spaces for queer and transgender cyclists from the introductory to professional level.

Cherie Grunefeld, triathlete.  Cherie is a multiple IronMan world title winner who began her athletic career at the age of 48 in 1992. She dedicates her non-training time to her nonprofit Exceeding Expectations, an organization with the mission to redirect the lives of at-risk kids in San Bernardino, CA through the sport of triathlon.

Bruckner Chase, ocean adventure athlete. Bruckner is an internationally-recognized advocate for ocean health and safety through his involvement with programs such as NOAA Ocean & Coastal Safety and Wave Safe. He’s a competitive ocean athlete who devotes substantial time to the Blue Journey Unified Team, which helps people with spinal cord injuries enjoy ocean paddle boarding.

In spotlighting these six extraordinary athletes, GU hopes to inspire all to engage in meaningful purpose work however they can and in ways that resonate individually. Lead by its vision to “Do well to do good,” the company’s primary aim is to encourage, support, and celebrate all of its athletes for the many ways they make a difference professionally and personally.

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