H2O Operations/Cadence Sports Announce New WaterMonster Markets

August 1, 2019

Austin, TX – Cadence Sports and H20 Operations have announced brand new markets for WaterMonster, the event hydration product that provides events around North America a hassle free and environmentally responsible hydration solution.

The new WaterMonster Markets with a 300-500 service radius are:

  • Atlanta, GA (New in ‘19)
  • Columbus, Ohio (New in ‘19)
  • Los Angeles, CA (New in ‘19)
  • Denver, CO (New in ‘19)
  • Austin, TX
  • Baltimore/Washington DC
  • Tampa, FL

“As the demand for WaterMonster has skyrocketed we are continuing to invest in our assets and personnel to be more efficient for our existing and new clients. We recognize that travel costs can be a hindrance for any event – we are taking the steps to help mitigate as much as possible.” Gary Metcalf, President of Cadence Sports, who is an equity partner in H2O Operations.


About H2O Operations:

Founded in 2009, the Water Monster product is the ultimate solution to hydration and used anywhere thirsty people gather. In 2018, Water Monster could be seen at over 300 events around the country. www.watermonster.us

About Cadence Sports:

Cadence Sports, Inc. is a full-service sports management company based in Austin, TX that specializes in the planning, promotion, and production of single & multi-day events. Events are what we do! www.cadencesports.com