HEST Unleashes Enhanced Memory Foam Dog Bed Designed for the Outdoors

June 2, 2022

Easy to Pack, Easy to Clean, Adventure-Friendly Dog Bed for your furry HEST Friend

SEATTLE (June 2, 2022) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ Founded on a dream to sleep better, play more and send it further, HEST, the designer of premium sleep products built to bring the comforts of home to the outdoors, is pleased to introduce the new HEST Dog Bed. HEST challenges why only humans should have all the creature comforts while car-camping or road-tripping by creating the most portable, comfortable, adventure-friendly dog bed made for the outdoors.

The new HEST Dog Bed offers a simple solution to providing ultimate comfort and portability when camping with your dog. Instead of bringing along an oversized home dog bed or compromising the comfort of your dog with a makeshift camping pad, the HEST Dog Bed provides the support, alignment and relief your dog needs after a day playing hard outdoors by using the same premium memory foam used in HEST’s human mattresses, but in an adventure-dog ready portable design.

“Camping with dogs is a natural extension of the HEST brand,” says HEST Founder and CEO Aaron Ambuske. “Time after time we kept noticing dogs sneaking naps on our human HEST camping mattresses or getting photos from our customers of their dogs on our various products, so it made complete sense for us to take the time and consideration to build the most comfortable, portable dog bed for our furry friends as they are the ultimate companions on outdoor adventures.”

The HEST Dog Bed is reinforced with outdoor tested materials like a removable waterproof foam liner and exterior waterproof lower construction for added protection against the elements and messes a dog in the outdoors can create. For the comfort dogs deserve, the bed features two layer temperature resilient memory foam topped with a machine washable soft stretch nylon twill with dirt and dog hair resistant tendencies. The entire package compactly rolls into an integrated compression harness and carry handle for easy packing and transporting.

Offered in three sizes for four legged friends – sizes small, medium and large – HEST is now accepting pre-orders with delivery in early July. For more information check out:

About HEST

HEST brings the comforts of home to the great outdoors by producing premium sleep products that build community around camping. HEST develops and delivers high-performance, low-maintenance solutions for camping and travel. HEST was founded in 2019 by outdoor industry product engineer Aaron Ambuske who was looking for a better night’s sleep when spending nights outdoors. Today, HEST is committed to building a line of products that takes all the best things from our beds at home into portable, adventure-ready forms. HEST revels in the idea of enabling more people and dogs to get outdoors and enjoy all that they have to offer, especially after a good night’s sleep.

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