Hibear Outdoors pours it on with ‘Made the Grade’ achievement

January 5, 2023

All-Day Adventure Flask hits the spot with home-and-away utility

TUCSON, ARIZONA USA /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – The search for a versatile drink system has resulted in the Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask being recognized with ‘Made the Grade’ status by INVESTMENT GRADE GEAR. Adhering to the mantra of Know It, Trust It, Keep It.TM, this trail, camp, and home-compatible product comes from Hibear based in Nevada.

Hibear turns three to five beverage-making and storage scenarios into a single system,’ states INVESTMENT’s founder and lead evaluator Peter Reese. ‘While not without the need for learning and experimentation, Hibear rewards the owner with near-daily utility.

More for use by individuals and their companions, the pour-over coffee to shaken-not-stirred possibilities gain value with easily-cleaned, durable components: Hibear yielded a refreshing prickly pair lemonade with rosemary creation that rewarded the tester’s imagination.

Recaps founder Mark Tsigounis, ‘Receiving this ”‘Made the Grade” award is an incredible honor, and it’s thanks to years of passion, planning, and design. Hibear was born out of travel and adventure, and like all outdoor-lovers, we live to explore new places and expect our gear to hold out as long as we do. Turns out, adventure needed a better travel bottle… so we built one.’

The All-Day Adventure Flask, as with many of the products selected for ‘Made the Grade,’ has been in extended evaluation in all modes, both hot and cold.. INVESTMENT GRADE GEAR, rooted in 50 years of adventure experience and outdoor journalism, selects individual pieces of gear for spotlight reviews.

The video review, including a unique one-word summary of the Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask, is available HERE.


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